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August 2002 archive

30 Aug, 2002
New review posted: Meryl Stryfe
29 Aug, 2002
New review posted: The Engineer
29 Aug, 2002
Our message board is up and ready to go, thanks to Poe.
28 Aug, 2002
New review posted: Mordroc
28 Aug, 2002
New review posted: Dirk the Daring
28 Aug, 2002
New review posted: Midnighter
27 Aug, 2002
New review posted: Apollo
26 Aug, 2002
New review posted: Jenny Sparks
25 Aug, 2002
Poe's inagural Points of Articulation column is ready for reading.
25 Aug, 2002
Amazon.com has lowered the limit for their free Super Saver Shipping from $49 to $25. Now you can afford to buy more toys!
25 Aug, 2002
New review posted: Magdalena!
23 Aug, 2002
Moore Action Collectibles has announced the cancellation of their upcoming X-Files figures, spurred by the series' cancellation. "Halting development of the X-Files action figures was a difficult decision for us," said Moore's Director of Marketing, Wynne Hunkler. "However, we feel confident this move will allow us the opportunity to pursue other projects beneficial to our collectors." This will give the company time to focus on their successful Buffy and Angel lines.
22 Aug, 2002
Our first Figuretoon, "Ave Fanataci Crepundiae!" has been posted.
20 Aug, 2002
Uh, we launched. We're starting with the reviews, and we'll branch out as we can.

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