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13 October, 2019
New review groomed: Anakin Skywalker
12 October, 2019
New review punctuated: Hagnon
11 October, 2019
Funko Friday exclusive maddened: Invisible Man
10 October, 2019
New review unhinged: Snake Alien
9 October, 2019
Werewolf Wednesday skinned: Dire
8 October, 2019
Transformers Tuesday engorged: Long Haul
7 October, 2019
Marvel Monday predicted: Iron Man, Thanos, and Dr. Strange
6 October, 2019
New exclusive unleashed: Cerberus and Hellhound
5 October, 2019
New review dispatched: Second Sister Inquisitor
4 October, 2019
Funko Friday exclusive colorized: Wolf Man
3 October, 2019
New review emerged: Chrysalis Alien
2 October, 2019
New exclusive enraged: Robin vs. Raphael
1 October, 2019
Transformers Tuesday scalded: Latte Spice Whirl
30 September, 2019
Marvel Monday exclusive: AIM Soldiers

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