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20 October, 2017
Funko Friday resurrected: Freddy vs. Jason
18 Octobber, 2017
New review revenged: Saint of Killers
16 October, 2017
Marvel Monday beaten: Sinister Villains
14 Octobber, 2017
New review splattered: Inkling Girl
12 Octobber, 2017
New review imitated: Zoom
10 October, 2017
Transformers Tuesday integrated: IDW Revolution
9 October, 2017
Marvel Monday reversed: Polaris
8 October, 2017
New review gunned down: Billy the Kid
6 October, 2017
Funko Friday summoned: Beetlejuice
5 October, 2017
New review exposed: Wonder Woman
4 October, 2017
New review bitten: Clawdeen Wolf
2 October, 2017
Marvel Monday horned: Hela
30 September, 2017
New review subbed: Meathead
28 September, 2017
New review replaced: Batman: Superheavy
26 September, 2017
Transformers Tuesday summed up: Nitro Zeus
25 September, 2017
Marvel Monday damned: Daredevil
24 September, 2017
Star Wars Sunday enrobed: Royal Guard

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