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26 October, 2016
WWEdnesday desaturated: Zombie Paige
24 October, 2016
Marvel Monday misidentified: Dr. Strange
23 October, 2016
New review exposed: Howling Wolfinica
21 October, 2016
New review maddened: Leonidas
20 October, 2016
New review orphaned: Supergirl
19 October, 2016
WWEdnesday executed: "Torture Rack" Lex Luger
17 October, 2016
Marvel Monday enchanted: Mystic Rivals
15 October, 2016
New review bitten: Carpathias
13 October, 2016
New review reversed: Zatanna
12 October, 2016
WWEdnesday ruptured: Zombie Triple H
10 October, 2016
Marvel Monday infected: Cable
9 October, 2016
New review unearthed: S.L.U.G. Zombies Series 1
7 October, 2016
New review hacked: Myrmidon Warrior
5 October, 2016
WWEdnesday exhumed: Undertaker Zombie Set
3 October, 2016
Marvel Monday exclusive bitten: Spider-Man
1 October, 2016
New review blackened: Otho

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