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October '20 archive

31 October, 2020
New review prepped: Laurie Strode
30 October, 2020
Joe Friday terrorized: Cobra Commander
29 October, 2020
New review peeled: Ultimate Pinhead
28 October, 2020
New review packed: Bug-A-Boo
27 October, 2020
Transformers Tuesday jacked: Pop-O the Clown
26 October, 2020
Marvel Monday masterminded: The Inner Circle
24 October, 2020
New review stalked: Ripley (Jumpsuit)
23 October, 2020
Funko Friday wound-up: Alex
22 October, 2020
New review tricked: Ultimate Sam
21 October, 2020
New review revived: Rustin's Spoils of the Week #227
20 October, 2020
Transformers Tuesday folded: Handy Dandy
19 October, 2020
Marvel Monday sweetened: Sugar Man
18 October, 2020
New exclusive review bent: Captain Cardinal
16 October, 2020
Joe Friday pimped: Profit Director Destro
14 October, 2020
New review displaced: Wraith
13 October, 2020
Transformers Tuesday burned: Sir Botcha & Bottle O'Tears
12 October, 2020
Marvel Monday enhanced: Wolverine
10 October, 2020
New review tumbled: Zarya
9 October, 2020
Funko Friday smashed: Zombie Hulk
8 October, 2020
New review spiked: Slash
7 October, 2020
New review tickled: The Batman Who Laughs
6 October, 2020
Transformers Tuesday uprooted: Skitter Chatter
5 October, 2020
Marvel Monday toxified: Rage
4 October, 2020
New exclusive review entombed: Han Solo (Carbonite)
2 October, 2020
Deadpool Week, Day 8: Strong Guy
2 October, 2020
Fortnite Friday grilled: Beef Boss
1 October, 2020
Deadpool Week, Day 7: Pirate Deadpool

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