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Lady Deadpool

Deadpool Legends
by yo go re

Oh, if only there were some way to make Deadpool appeal more to teenage boys!

Also known as Lady-D, Wanda Wilson suits up as Lady Deadpool and takes fighting the power to new heights... no really, look how high her ponytail is.

Heh. "Lady-D." There's a joke in there, somewhere, but we'll let you make it yourself. Lady Deadpool comes from Earth-3010, where she was a resistance fighter against General America and the forces of fascism within the US government. But only after her cable TV was cut off - before that, she was kind of a shut-in loner, and would have remained so if she hadn't needed to get serviced. Wanda has all the same traits as Wade (other than the obvious): healing factor, military training, extensive fighting skills, a love for knockoff Spider-Man costumes... she just has a pair of girlnads instead of brovaries. Oh, and she may also not have cancer: it tends to vary, but most times we've seen any of her skin, it doesn't have the same "crusty hamburger" look that Deadpool is known for. And then other times she does. And other other times it's a bunch of cuts and scars. Comics!

Deadpoolina has the same body as Psylocke. It's worth noting that the female figures have more variety than the male figures do, being able to more easily swap the upper torso - in other words, every guy has to share the same chest, but the girls don't. So when we say "the same body," it's really just referring to the legs and stomach; so she and Psylocke may be identical below the ribs, but she shares her bust with figures like Medusa, with a distinct separation between the breasts rather than smooth cloth. But we're not about to make a checklist of different boob-types, because that would be an entirely different kind of website.

The head has to be new, because there's no other female character who wears a full-face mask like Deadpool's - Spider-Girl has bigger eyes, Black Panther and White Tiger have ears, Gwenpool has a mouth... and absolutely none of them have a four-foot long blonde ponytail swirling around their shoulders. Lady Deadpool was designed by Mr. Lady Deadpool's original creator, Rob Liefeld, and that sort of hair is absolutely his thing.

Deadpoolette moves at the head, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, chest, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles, just like the other uses of this body. Her ponytail is rubbery, so it doesn't get in the way when you move her head around, but it's so heavy that it often feels like it might rip or pull out. She has a utility belt, a harness around her shoulders, and pouches straped to her thighs, with the rest of the costume elements painted on. She carries two katanas, which are shown to be the new style in the stock photo, but are the same old bent ones in the final production. Shame she doesn't have any scabbards to hold them.

But that's all secondary, because Lady Deadpool comes with something truly special: another character! Yes, this is technically a two-pack, because Lady-D is paired with her fellow Deadpool Corps member, Headpool. That's right, the decapitated zombie Deadpool is an accessory in this release.

Headpool has all the feature you know him for: the shredded mask, the nigh-skeletal face, and the little helicopter beanie held on by a chinstrap. The propellor can turn, and the set includes a clear(ish) stand to make the head fly about thigh-high. But the cool thing is that this is a functional head with a standard socket underneath it, meaning you can put it on a normal Deadpool body and pretend it's him before getting decapitated. And the extra-cool thing is that this is the first-ever official Marvel Zombies product from Hasbro. We've had Marvel Select and Marvel Minimates, but never Marvel Legends or Marvel Universe. Breaking new ground! [you forgot the Headpool that came with the 12" figure; still a first in this scale tho --ed.]

The set also gives you the right leg of Sauron, this series' Build-A-Figure.

Lady Deadpool is fun, and the inclusion of Headpool is just terrific; considering we already know that pseudo-"Legendary Riders" line will be bringing us a Dogpool sometime soon, let's hope that Marvel Legends doesn't repeat the failures of other lines, and actually manages to deliver the whole team. You've got a "teen boy" mold, Hasbro; you'd better give us a Kidpool.

-- 12/10/18

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