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X-Men Deadpool

Deadpool Legends
by yo go re

Well, Captain Marvel Week was a lot of fun, but surely there's no way we can stretch it out to 11 days, right?

No, there isn't. Here's Deadpool.

So I didn't make the cut for the school super-mutant team - so what? I'm my own yellow-clad, spandex-wearing, most-popular-girl-in-school cheerleader. My mom would be so proud.

Remember the time that Wolverine and Beast pranked Deadpool by putting him in a spare X-Men uniform? Little did they know they were awakening a latent desire within him! When Cyclops created a mutant haven in San Francisco, Deadpool showed up at the door in a homemade costume, ready to join the team! Cyclops turned him down. But that didn't stop him from trying to live the dream! ...at least until he got bored with it or distracted by a shiny object or something.

This figure is built on the same super-articulated body as Series 1's Classic Deadpool, which really should be their go-to for all their Deadpools. The photo on the back of the box shows it using the Classic Deadpool head, too, but that's been swapped for something else. The costume looks a bit like the first X-Men uniforms, just with black instead of blue. In truth, it is blue, but it's so dark as to nearly be black, especially under normal lighting conditions. There's a red "X-Men" comic logo on the chest, but we are missing the "Deadpool" name across the back. The costume is slightly too small, so we still see Wade's usual red suit where the shirt is riding up.

To complete the look, there are straps around the wrists and shins to suggest gloves and boots, and he's wearing his usual utility belt and scabbards. He's armed with two swords (of course) and a reused rifle, but the really interesting piece is the alternate head.

In 1985, Marvel introduced a character called Madcap. He wore a crazy costume, was somewhat mentally unbalanced, and had a healing factor that made him unkillable - basically, he was Deadpool a decade before Deadpool was Deadpool, except he could make people around him act crazy via eye contact. Eventually the two characters began to mix it up. Literally.

Remember when Deadpool used to think in differently colored boxes? He'd have back-and-forth conversations inside his own head between yellow text box narration and white text box narration, and they'd disagree and argue about things. It was a whole gimmick for a while - several years, in fact - and eventually it just stopped. But because comics are comics, someone eventually decided there needed to be a story explaining it.

Madcap ran into Deadpool, and the two started fighting. Realizing that they were both "healing factor guys," a passing Thor zapped them into ashes. It seemed like only Deadpool regenerated, but the comingled cremains meant that Madcap lived on as a voice inside Wade's head. Until the body got ripped in half and each personality regenerated its own side.

The Madcap head is a noseless, grinning skull. Well, technically it's a yellow mask, but in that case, how can we see his teeth? Eh, doesn't matter, he looks creepy and that's what matters. The yellow is lighter here than on Wade's X-Men suit, making it clear that Madcap is his own character, not just part of that costume, and he even gets his own accessory. That's right, an accessory for an alternate head! How about that! Madcap wears a harlequin suit he stole from a costume shop, and it's topped with a truly... daft hat? (There has to be a better way to say that.) [... --ed.] Madcap wears a giant purple cavalier hat that's cocked up on one side, and the toy includes just that. Hasbro might have molded it as a nonremovable piece of the head, but instead it's a separate piece. Pretty neat!

He also comes with a piece of the Sauron Build-A-Figure - the tail.

X-Uniform Deadpool is an interesting enough figure on its own, something we definitely haven't had before. But the Madcap head is a very cool inclusion as well! It's just a shame we don't have a body to put it on.

-- 03/11/19

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