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by yo go re

Forget the anatomically correct Playboy Playmates and those RealScanned Adult Superstars: when you're looking for a girl to take it all off, you need look no further than Julia Cotton.

...cause Band-Aid's stuck on me! The betrayer who became the betrayed. Wife to Larry Cotton, lover to Frank Cotton. Forbidden desires indulged were enough to transform Julia into a murderer, but it was The Cenobites who carried out hell's retribution for her sins. But when Dr. Channard resurrected her skinned visage from the bloody mattress on which she died, he also resurrected her lust for vengeance.

Huh. Okay. Kinda vague, there. For those who haven't opted to torture themselves by sitting through the increasingly useless Hellraiser sequels, Julia here comes from Hellbound: Hellraiser II. She was the first film's instrument of retribution, torn (literally, it seems) between her husband Larry Cotton and his brother Frank, her ex-lover. Brought back for a second round, Julia had done her time in Hell and had the tortured visage to prove it.

To protect the delicate sensibilities of the toy-buying public, Julia is packaged wearing her white surgical bandages and light blue hospital gown. Of course, since both the front and back of the card show what she looks like beneath, I'm not sure why this choice was made. Still, she looks good, even hidden like this: how many toys do we get that look like recovering trauma patients?

Oh, c'mon, have a heart! NECA, very nicely, provided instructions for how to remove Julia's dressing: remove the bandaged arms, followed by the bandages on her head; then "roll" the dress inside out from the bottom up, rather like taking off a sock; plug in the alternate bare arms and you're all done. The cowl is particularly difficult to take off, so watch out for that. The rubber seems strong enough to stand up to multiple trips on and off, which is good. The best way to get the dress back on is to turn it right-side-out and slip it down over her head.

unrealistic In her naked form, Julia does indeed look visceral. All bright red and bone white, she's a horror to behold. The musculature is all fairly accurate, with a few notable exceptions - breasts are fat tissue, not muscle, and your eye sockets don't jut out through your frontales, to name a few. So while Julia won't be standing in for Gray's Anatomy any time soon, she's also detailed enough to not be a joke - NECA's sculptors did a really great job with this.

Julia moves at the neck, shoulders, wrists and hips. That may not seem like much, and it's really not, but for this figure, it's fine: Julia really only has one pose, the sort of striding, twisting, reaching grasp; while that is sort of disappointing, different poses would have left the carefully sculpted muscles in the wrong shape. At least her balljointed neck gives her some variety. The hips and wrists have a tendency to stick, so you might want to give the figure some freezer time before you try to move her around.

Other than the bandages, Julia's only accessory is the human heart that she can hold in her outstretched hand. The heart is detailed well, and makes for a lovely, creepy extra. All six figures in this line come with one section of the third film's Pillar of Souls - Julia's got the top, which doubles as a great base for her. There's a peg on the underside, but the figure's balance is good enough that you can display her on top. There are intricate designs carved up there, and a screaming face on each corner.

world's worst table setting

Lucidique, Camille Noire, Szaltax and now Julia. It's getting to be a regular Girls' Night Out around here. For a character whose very existence is based around a soiled mattress, Julia makes a pretty cool figure.

What is wrong with yo, that he only collects such abused women? Tell us on our message board, the Loafing Lounge.


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