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Moon Knight

Marvel Legends
by yo go re

Dracula better have his money.

A vision in an Egyptian temple leads Marc Spector to don a shroud and become the crime-fighting hero, Moon Knight.

This is another Walgreens exclusive, coming hot on the heels of Iron Man 2020. And I will again point out that the last figure any of the local pharmacies seemed to get in was Magik, meaning it's been nearly two years since I was just able to walk into a store and buy any of these. Didn't even spot a preorder for Moon Knight like the last few had - he just happened to be in stock on their website while I was looking up Silver Centurion Iron Man.

Although there was a Moon Knight figure in the Spider-Man: Homecoming line, that one was wearing a modern costume, while this one is vintage: white spandex with metal bands around the forearms and shins, and a belt with crescent moons on it. This isn't the same costume ToyBiz attempted when they were the ones doing Marvel Legends, though - that one was also modern (for its time), while this is supposed to be what he was wearing in the late '70s/early '80s. That's after the coloring of the time changed his costume from black to white (proving Storm wasn't the first one that happened to), but before the bracers and boots were simplified.

A few parts do come from the Homecoming figure - for example, the head and cape. Or, technically, "heads"; there are two of them, both the same mold, but one painted with a white mask and the other painted with black. It's not really clear whether Moon Knight ever wore a black mask with this costume, but the style at the time was to wear an onion on your belt sink his face into solid black shadow, so this second head replicates that nicely.

Both heads have some grey shadows lightly airbrushed along the bottom part of the hood, giving one of the few spots of color (or at least non-perfect-whiteness) anywhere on the toy. His belt, boots, and bracers have a pearlescent sheen to them, so they stand out, and there's a light bit of shadow behind the symbol on his chest. That crescent moon is also pearly, and outlined in black for a very nice look.

ToyBiz's Moon Knight shared the same molds as Bullseye, and amusingly, this one does too. The body is the larger "pectoral hinges" one, possibly because it's large enough to make Marc look strong without making him seem too beefy. He does use his cape as a glider, after all, so he has to be at least a little bit skinny. The fists he has right out of the package are also from the previous figure, because of the accessories.

Remember how the last Moonie could hold his three little crescent throwing blades between his fingers? Well, this figure comes with those same things, and thus the fists designed to accommodate them. He's got two copies of the larger moonarang, and (instead of Daredevil's billy clubs) Gambit's staff. For some reason, he doesn't come with the open hands the last MK had; he does have an open pair, but they're just generic, not armored. What the huh?

As a Walgreens exclusive, Moon Knight doesn't have any Build-A-Figure parts. He's sold in white Moon Knight-themed packaging, with his logo on the front, big images of him on the sides, and a close-up of his eyes and forehead on the cardboard tray behind the figure. I'm glad I got him when he was in stock, because this is a really nice representation of a classic look, and the wait for him to actually show up in any real physical locations will probably take many moons.

-- 09/07/20

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