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Genji & Hanzo

by yo go re

The brothers Genji and Hanzo use high-tech versions of ancient weapons to win the day.

Genji and Hanzo? I think you mean Hatori Xboxone and Dragonite.

Name: Genji Shimada
Age: 35
Occupation: Adventurer
Affiliation: Shimada Clan (formerly), Overwatch (formerly)

You have to admire Overwatch for coming right out the gate with a cast of diverse, creative, original characters, and then also Gray Fox from Metal Gear Solid. Genji was the younger son of a clan of ninja criminals - like any strong dynasty, dad needed an heir and a spare. Genji lived a carefree life of luxury, but after his father died, the clan began demanding he take a more active role in their crimes. He refused, leading to a brawl with his brother that left Genji near death. He was rescued by Overwatch and given a cybernetic body to save his life.

Despite being a ninja, Genji's helmet makes him look like a knight. It's not intentional, just a confluence of design: whether you're covering your face in metal or cloth, leaving a space for your eyes is kind of a must, and a horizontal slit is more efficient than crafting separate eyeholes. Alternately, blame it on the fact that the armor was designed by the German chick and the Swedish dwarf.

Genji's colors are muted, which makes sense for a ninja - but why aren't they also dark? Sure, light gray is better than pure white, but you know what's even better than that? Dark grey. Or even black. And the maroon accents on his sides and back would also have worked as a red (though judging by official art, that should be more brown). The silver panels covering his chest match the sheen of his helmet. The few grey sections of the suit - the feet, the hands, the throat, scalp, and groin - make nice contrast, as well. A long strip of cloth hangs down from the back of his head, so that he can look dynamic when he's jumping around. The little sculpted circles on his armor are meant to have an electric green glow, but that app got dropped.

His accessories include his energy-edged katana and a plain wakizashi, both of which can store in the scabbards on his back. Like Snake-Eyes, his katana is facing the wrong direction for him to grab it easily. He's also got two alternate hands: a left hand with two fingers extended, and a right hand throwing three shuriken.

During the game's development, there was only going to be one cyborg ninja, who wore baggy clothes over his robot body, and used a weapon that was a combination of sword and bow. Pretty early, he was split into two different characters.

Name: Hanzo Shimada
Age: 38
Occupation: Mercenary, Assassin
Affiliation: Shimada Clan

One of the only things I know about Overwatch is that anybody who mains Hanzo is just the worst. I don't have any idea why, but it is a truth universally accepted. Hanzo is the elder Shimada brother, the one put in charge of the family's trade in arms and illegal substances. And also put in charge of bringing his brother Genji to heel, a deed which broke his heart and led to him leaving the clan and basically deciding to walk the earth.

Running a criminal empire and being forced to kill your brother must be a stressful life, if the fact that 38-year-old Hanzo is already going gray at the temples. His hair is pulled up in a short ponytail or messy top knot, and a single thick lock of hair falls over his forehead. For a guy who gave up everything to wander aimlessly, he sure has a neatly trimmed beard.

Hanzo does not have the same articulation as the other figures. Because of the way he wears his robe over only one shoulder, he can't have the balljointed chest and hinged waist - just a balljointed waist. And instead of a double-hinge in the right elbow, he has a single swivel/hinge because of the baggy sleeve (plus swivels for the bicep and forearm, which probably aren't all needed). While his left arm is bare, he still has a sleeve - a tattoo, that is. It's an amazingly intricate paint app that wraps all the way around his arm and is perfectly crisp. The lines do break a little when you move the arm, but that's unavoidable.

Since Genji got the "sword" half of the original character's weapon, Hanzo gets the "bow" half. It's a fancy tchnological thing, not a traditional one, and he includes one loose arrow that can fit in his quiver - as long as you condsider "fitting" to mean "being twice the size of any other and sitting by itself in a slot way larger than it needs to be. He's got alternate hands (a fist and a "drawing the bowstring" hand), plus a translucent blue Dragonstrike effect, his big magical energy attack. It's far smaller than it is in the game, but the way it's slipped onto his arm so the double dragons swirl around is pretty cool, and the sculpt is great.

If Hasbro had made the Overwatch Ultimates in scale with Marvel Legends and every other 6" line, this two-pack would be a really neat fill-in of some specialized Hand Ninjas or something, but since the line isn't in scale with diddly squat, they're just going to spend all time fighting each other.

-- 09/12/20

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