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Beta Female w/ Dragon

by yo go re

Until now, all the Stikfas had something in common besides their plain, poseable bodies: they were all male.

Eve Stikfas Action Figure Kit (AFK) is a super-articulated 3-inch figure you assemble and configure in numerous ways. With its unique design and solid parts, the Stikfas AFK is both playable and customizable. Armed with interchangeability and poseability, the Stikfas AFK aims to lead the way in a whole new toy revolution... so gear up now and we'll change the way you play forever! Stikfas - it's simply fun!

This gender bias has finally been overcome with the release of the Beta Female and Dragon set. Joining the ranks of Alpha Male, Delta Boy and Omega Male, Beta Female has an entirely new body built around Stikfas' basic premise of interchangability and modularity.

Inside the Beta Female's sturdy white cardboard box is a Stikfas-logo ziplock bag that contains the Action Figure Kit, several promotional and instructional postcards and a sheet of stickers. The AFK is comprised of 98 pieces molded on a series of eight plastic frames - including two for the body, one for armor and one for weapons. Just snap the pieces off like you would any model kit and you're set to start putting your new toy together.

Once the basic body is assembled, the figure stands about 3" tall. The kit includes both black and flesh-colored limbs, though her torso is available only in black (so you can't re-create Lady Godiva's bareback ride). You can combine the black and peach limbs however you please, so your Stikfas can be wearing boots, long gloves or even a full-body jumpsuit. It's quite a variety!

well, it's true.

Her armor and weapons are molded from red plastic, and have pegs that plug into slots on one set of the black limbs. There are armaments for her chest and back, upper arms, shins, forearms and waist. There are two pieces of hair and a helmet. All of the Stikfas' articulation is balljointed, and she moves at the wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, waist, hips, knees, and ankles. Her weapons include a sword, spear and a shield, as well as a saddle for her steed.

another fiery redhead

Besides the first woman, the big draw of this set is the ultra-cool dragon. The assembled dragon is 12" long and has a 14" wingspan. He's got 37 points of ball-jointed articulation, which make him almost endlessly poseable. The legs look appropriately Xenozoic, and he can open his mouth wide to spit flame at enemies (or misguided knights).


The set includes a sheet of stickers to customize your warrior woman and her mighty beast. Covering everything from armor details to a tongue, the decals help you make your Stikfas your own.

together, we rule

The big idea of Stikfas is the interchangeability - all the pieces can be swapped with any other set, or combined and ignored however you see fit. Build your dragon without the long neck or the spines on his tail, and you've got a Dewback-style lizard. Plug the wings into the Omega Knight's horse for some mythological flavor. You can build anything that time and imagination will let you.

The Stikfas sets always run a little expensive, though the Beta Female and Dragon really gives you a decent value for your money. The Beta Female will soon be available in a single pack safari adventure with a leopard, but this set is still hot.

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