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Zombie Hunter Spidey

What If...?
by yo go re

What If... Zombies!?

Zombie Hunter Spider-Man is in a ragtag group of survivors, fighting his way through a zombie-infested world.

Yes, and yet he has enough free time to make fun little educational videos for... who, exactly? Yes, he shows it to Bruce Banner, but he'd been in space for years, so it's understandable he wouldn't know about the zombie outbreak; but remember, this is before "outer space" was a thing Peter really thought of as a real location where people might be, so why did he think there would be anyone who was unfamiliar with the zombies overrunning the world? I question your logic, imaginative cartoon based on action movies based on comicbooks!

In a very weird move, this figure gets a new body. Like, there are several MCU Spider-Men in this scale already, ones wearing the appropriate costume for the time. And we know Hasbro has no qualms about repainting/​reusing the molds. So why not just break one of those out of storage again instead of paying to sculpt and tool an entirely new mold? It's the shoulders that give it away: the existing toys had pec hinges that this one does not. How odd. He does wear new bracelet pieces, presumably needing more web-shooting power than his little old ones could provide? Whatever they are, they don't match the ones on the show. They're similar to the ones on the Integrated Suit toy, but not the same mold.

The figure includes an unmasked head, showing us a Peter Parker who looks like the cartoon version without really looking like Tom Holland - no one's really sure if his contracts prevented him from voicing Spider-Man in What If...?, but at least the actor they got to fill in for him did a better imitation than their Tony Stark did.

If you really want to get technical, this is a two-pack, since it includes the Cloak of Levitation, and that's been shown to be a fairly autonomous creation in the MCU - think "Carpet" from Disney's Aladdin. Surprsingly, this is also a new mold, not any of the capes the previous Drs. Strange have worn. It billows out slightly more than those do. It actually looks quite nice on the recent No Way Home Strange, if you feel like lending it to him. (It would be a one-way trade, however, since that figure's cape has a peg for a hole in his back that Spider-Man is lacking.) But really, why stop at two characters? Give us Scott Lang and make it a three-pack!

Sorcerer Supreme Spider-Man includes a piece for this series's Build-A-Figure: the Watcher's right leg.

It seems like Spider-Man might have been a tough "get" for the What If...? creators, thanks to the whole Sony deal, but they've said Disney was very supportive: there were no characters they were told not to use, and that if there was someone they really needed for the show, Disney would support them on it. In fact, they considered even doing a "What if Spider-Man became Man-Spider" story, but decided it would be too dark for Season 1.

-- 12/28/21

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