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X-Men Legends
by yo go re

Boy, she sure is Irish!

Inheriting her mutant sonic scream from her father Banshee and raised by her criminal uncle, Black Tom Cassidy, Theresa Cassidy forges her own heroic path with X-Factor as Siryn!

Grammar fun fact: by not putting commas around Banshee's name, that bio is linguistically implying that Theresa has more than one father and that it is simply naming one of them; by putting commas around Black Tom's name, it's saying he's her only uncle and it is identifying him for clarification purposes. Black Tom's name isn't essential for the meaning of the sentence, so it's offset from the rest by the punctuation. "Charlie takes his grandpa Joe to the chocolate factory" (because he also has a grandpa George) vs. "Charlie takes his grandpa, Joe, to the chocolate factory" (because it just so happens his solitary grandpa's name is Joe). 20 years we've been offering to proofread companies' text in exchange for toys, and 20 years we've been wrongfully ignored.

(You could argue that she does have two fathers, because Sean was undercover for Interpol the entire time her mother, Maeve, was pregnant, so he didn't know he even had a daughter when Maeve died. With no way to contact his cousin, Tom took the baby in and raised her as his own. She didn't even find out Tom wasn't her real father until years later, after her mutant powers had developed. But that's obviously not what Hasbro was intending.)

The only Siryn toy there's ever been before was the Minimate, and this one is wearing the same costume. That's not a bad thing, because it's definitely one of the best she's ever worn. I don't know what monster decided to try putting the pale-skinned redhead in a yellow and purple costume, but surely they're on their way to the Hague right now to be tried for their crimes. This one, though, is green and yellow, inspired by her father's original suit. It's got little booties and gloves, and a yellow panel down the front. At first glance, it looks like the paint apps that create her "belt" were applied incorrectly, leaving small gaps between them and the middle stripe; but looking at David Nakayama's art for the packaging, that's apparently intentional?

Theresa's hair is sculpted blowing all over the place, but her face is disappointingly plain. It's an attractive face, a good sculpt, but it's just her staring straight ahead with no real expression. Now, presumably this is because of the unfavorable reception their screaming Sean Cassidy received 15 years ago, but this is 2022: alternate heads are a thing. Give us the plain Terry, sure, but then give us a second head where she's really belting it out, too!

Siryn is based on the slender body, so she'll have plenty of articulation for fighting Juggernaut or whatever else you want her to do. A familiar feature of the Cassidy costumes is the inclusion of striped "wings" under the arms, to allow them to fly (or at least glide) using their sonic abilities. Theresa gets a separate piece to create that, made from the same stuff as Storm's cape or Shiklah's scarf. I suppose it still counts as "softgoods" even if it's not typical cloth? It's some sort of polyester, which means the odds are good it's made from recycled plastic. It's held in place by her shoulders and her wrists, so you'll need to be mindful when swapping her fists for her open hands. Unfortunately, that stuff always feels like it's going to get big creases in it when you put the figure away, and the striped pattern only gets printed on one side, not both. It's not an ideal solution.

The figure includes a piece of this series' Bonebreaker Build-A-Figure: the left side of the lower body.

Theresa Cassidy may be just as much of a walking stereotype as her father, but for only her second-ever toy, this is a nice representation. She kind of desperately needs an alternate head, and the cape isn't the best, but those are the only real detractions. Gotta say, though, now we really need an improved Banshee to replace that 2007 one.

-- 08/29/22

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