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X-Men Legends
by yo go re

Daddy's home!

After betraying Apocalypse and making his escape, Sabretooth joins with the mutant rebels the X-Men to fight for good in a harsh dystopian future.

Yeah, but it took him a while to get there, though: AoA Victor Creed was just as bloodthirsty as his 616 counterpart, it's just that 616 never had the opportunity to fully slake that thirst. The first schism between them was when the Horsemen attacked Cape Citadel: Sabretooth thought they were just grabbing the nuclear missiles as a deterent, while Apocalypse intended to launch them right away. But then the X-Men showed up for their first mission, so Sabretooth helped fight them off and all was forgiven. It wasn't until a few years later, at the Culling of Los Angeles, that Vic hit his pre-set killing limit and shut off.

This Sabretooth is a big boy! Creed was a full-grown adult well before Apocalypse came to power, so he should have already been done with his growing then, right? Well, this figure is larger than both Hasbro's other Sabreteeth, and they were already using the biggest standard body! So what's this one, then? Colossus/Death's Head. At nearly 7¾", he's a full head taller than his 616 counterparts - that's, like, Marvel Select sized! Do you think Beast did some tinkering on him or something? His costume is pretty simple - no need for a lot of armor when you have a good healing factor - but his gloves, boots, belt, and chest-collar are new pieces.

Creed gets two heads, and the one he's showing in the package may feel a little weird to you: he's smiling pleasantly; not, like, a sinister smile or a threatening smile, an actual "I am happy about something nice and expressing it with my face" smile. A single little fang pokes out, too, like a cute anime character. The alternate head is much more traditional, with a big snarl and blank eyes. Both heads have the same hair, though the set includes two identical ponytails for him. I guess it's nice not to have to take the time to swap that when you're swapping heads, but were they afraid we'd lose one?

The ponytails can get in the way of the articulation a little, but not terribly so. His suit is not the same shade of orange used for Wild Child, though the browns are close. It seems his right forearm pad was molded in silver plastic, separate from the pink plastic of his arm, while the bit of it that goes on the back of his hand is painted a more solid and metallic style (because the hand was molded in brown). He's got hair painted on his arms, because that's how the Sabretooth do, and you get your choice of fists or holding hands, but he could use another set for clawing at people. He does look nice with Wild Child's chain wrapped around his arm, though.

Big figure = small Build-A-Figure piece. Technically two, since the ties for Colossus' mask are separate from the head?

ToyBiz's ML Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth was not great, even for its time, so it's good to finally have one that's at least... pretty good?

-- 12/08/21

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