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Ame-Comi Heroine Series
by Artemis

It's the classic question - if you meet your time-travelling self, mirror universe duplicate, or other such doppelganger, and make out with him or her (or it - you never know what manner of beings are reading OAFE), is that incest, or masturbation? Forget DC publishing comics where superheroes voice opinions on contemporary politics, why aren't they doing the Supergirl/Power Girl Love-Fest One-Shot to answer this vital question?

After spending decades suspended in a rocket between Krypton and Earth, Kara Zor-El is ready to make up for lost time - if only she could gain better control over her capricious superpowers.

...or her capricious lack of intellect, common sense, self-awareness, and so on... hey, the moment she stops sucking, I'll stop complaining. But regardless of her terminally moronic current incarnation, Supergirl is one of the classics - she's arguably on a par with Wonder Woman for sheer name awareness in the public eye, and Helen Slater Supergirl ranks only just behind Slave Leia in the subconscious desires of a whole generation of movie-goers. So it's only fitting that she gets her spot in the Ame-Comi line-up of DC's most ovary-bearing superheroes.

Ame-Comi Supergirl is an extra-bare-skin version of the current costume, a Krypton-themed teenage slut ensemble designed by Martha Kent, of all people. Not that the costume is especially conservative to begin with - though perhaps Ma Kent didn't realize she was designing for a girl drawn by Michael Turner, which is why everything was too short for her gazelle-like torso - but this is anime, so of course it's been sexed up a notch. The top of the costume has been stripped back from a tanktop to a well-intentioned bra, the sleeves broken off into long gloves, and the skirt has gone from a barely-adequate one-piece to a layered contraption designed to reveal even more thigh. All that extra material has evidently gone to her boots, which are now thigh-length, and her cape, which streams out behind her to two long points, rather than just being the hip-length flat cape we're used to.

Apart from showing more skin, the costume now shows more tech as well, with what looks like armoured vambraces built into the gloves, segmented feet on the boots and seams defining the calves, and the multi-layered design of the skirt and bra, all carrying over the traditional gold edging from the boot-tops and cape. Supergirl is posed in flight, twisting off to the right with one arm outstretched, in the approved flying-Kryptonian attitude, and an odd thing about her posture is that there doesn't seem to be a "best" angle to it. I've looked at this thing from all sorts of angles, 360° and above and below, and I really can't find one that looks entirely good - some part of the body is always obscured, or tilted away, or not showing its best profile, or some other damned thing. It's kind of irritating.

Of all the Ame-Comi girls I've seen so far, Supergirl is the most outright girlish, but I guess - apart from the revealing wardrobe and big tits - that's a valid option for portraying the character. Her face is almost the prototypical cute anime girl, with a small mouth, tiny button nose, huge baby-blue eyes, and a big mop of hair sitting atop her head, as well as streaming out down below the level of her hips behind her. The paintwork on the hair is actually quite impressive, with subtle shading into orange-gold helping soften the effect of such a big slice of stylised sculpt.

Kara hovers a touch over 8½" tall on her base, to which she's attached by a clear plastic L-rod that connects between her shoulders, underneath her cape and hair. Getting the connecting prong in there, before it slides into the recess in her back, is a tight fit - you have to gently push the cape and hair back, and trust to the slight flexibility of PVC not do so any damage in the process. To keep her stable the peg has a flat top, meaning she'll only attach to the stand at one angle.

The lack of an ideal viewing angle is her biggest flaw - because of that, I can't bring myself to recommend her, unless you're a big Supergirl fan, or collecting all of Ame-Comi anyway. But if you're just after some DC heroine in the anime style, there are better options available.


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