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Sensational Sherri

Classic Superstars
by Artemis


Sensational Sherri... I don't really know, or indeed care a great deal. But of some note, she was around in the days when Hulk Hogan and his legendary cohorts - and even I know the big names from that era - made professional wrestling seem interesting and fun, before it all devolved into a morass of incestuous plotlines that daytime soap operas wouldn't touch. Sherri once held world championships in two wrestling organizations simultaneously, the first wrestler ever to do so. Sadly she passed away as a result of a drug overdose in 2007. Sic transit gloria WWF.

Sherri's costume may be a bit dated by today's standards, but you have to admit it's eye-catching. Heck, if it wasn't, I wouldn't have noticed it, let alone bought it. White dominates, with leggings, shoulder-length gloves and the corset concealing a lot of skin - with only the cleavage, shoulders and head bare, she has a slightly austere look, insofar as someone in a wrestling get-up can. The body is one of Jakks's standard types, this one fitted with heeled boots, a half-cup and briefs ensemble, and the left hand closed in a fist.

Besides the fairly elaborate paint apps turning the bare limbs into tights and gloves - both with fishnet cut-outs - Sherri's corset does most of the work of individualising her from the neck down, blending in tolerably well with the painted outfit. The use of gold on the upper edge of the bicep segment, beneath the balljoint, is a clever touch - it mimics the gold edging on the corset, and takes advantage of the articulation seam to suggest that the glove tops are sculpted, when in fact it's just the standard bare arm.

Sherri has one of the better faces I've seen in the wrestling range. Rather than a generic model-like smile, she's got a high, triumphant grin, with a tight jaw giving her some character, and narrowed eyes accentuated by fairly clean makeup. Her hair is an unusual high twisted bun, with strands framing her face, and she's further set apart from her peers by elaborate face-paint, including a layered arrowhead leading into her eyeliner, a heart and arrow on her left cheek (a device repeated on her boot) and a twisting ivy pattern on her right. Depending on how much credit you give her, she either looks like some kind of exotic tribal queen, or an elaborately-made-up hooker, but either way she gets your attention.

The paintwork on the rest of her outfit is decent, though the gold edges of the corset are a bit vague in spots. But the detail work on her arms and legs is quite clean, with the repeated heart shapes, the little studs around them, and the fingerless gloves all well rendered. The paint cheats the sculpt a little around the hips, where the bottom of the briefs are sculpted onto the tops of her thighs, while the paint gives them a narrower, higher cut - it works well enough though, since the skin is covered by fishnet, the pattern of which masks the sculpted line across her "bare" inner thighs.

Looking to articulation, one shortcoming of this style of body is that the right arm never quite lowers far enough - on that side, the torso edge makes contact with the sculpted bicep muscle too early, leaving the arm sticking out at an angle that the left side doesn't suffer from. Aside from that all the joints work decently well - balljoint neck, ball shoulders that swivel at both sides, pin elbows, peg/hinge wrists, swivel waist, peg hips, pin knees, pin ankles. More versatile legs would have been nice - the addition of balljoint hips and swivel boot tops would have been ideal - but it's not a bad joint layout as is.

Sherri comes with one accessory, a blue fold-out chair. It's just a simple accessory made of glossy blue plastic, and it sits quite close to the ground - a bit too low for the figures to comfortably sit on, for one thing - but it does fold in and out the way it's supposed to, which is rather fun. Still, the blue really sells this as a "toy" and not a real object.

On the plus side, the corset is removable, so that could be counted as an accessory as well. Three studs hold it closed at the left side, and it's easily removed or replaced - the studs come open easily, and press closed with just as much ease, and no chance of doing any damage to the soft plastic piece. Sans corset Sherri sports just a plain white bra, which unfortunately bears a couple of random gold paint flecks - I'd speculate the corset may have been put on her before its paint was quite dry. Her bare midriff is striking, but with the covered arms and legs, I'm not sure I'd say the balance of her outfit works too well with the corset off.


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