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OAFEnet Presents TF-Parallax: Orion

In my recent review of the TFX-01 City Commander upgrade kit, I mentioned that the instruction booklet took the form of a comic, showing an Egyptian-themed alternate reality in which an unnamed version of Optimus Prime struggles against the villainous Pharaohtron and believes in a god called Ra-Mus. The "parallel universe" ties in with their little blurb:

Prepare for a new adventure across the vast, countless universes, to battle an illusive enemy with unbelievable allies. Are you ready to befriend familiar looking foes? Will you confront friends who are now farfetched in their nature...

Welcome to


The story and art are good, but for some reason, none of the major TF sites have bothered to post it. I guess because it's not a "real" Transformers product. But you want to see it, so OAFEnet delivers! Here, for your enjoyment, OAFEnet Presents TF-Parallax: Orion:

TF-Parallax: Orion

(The captions are hard to read on this page. The first says "First you burn down our city of Atlantica." The second says "Your rebellion has failed. As punishment for your recklessness, your sparks shall finally be extinguished.")

Now, obviously that's not the entire comic - there's a big section in the middle that just provides step-by-step directions on how to assemble your City Commander armor. But overall, it's really high quality for something that isn't an official product, huh? Very well drawn, and the color's excellent.

Now, I wonder if the future releases of this kit, such as the Shadow Commander and Powered Commander versions, will have their own story, or just repeat this one. If it's the former, I really hope someone puts them online so we can all enjoy.

Be sure to read our City Commander armor review to learn about this toy, and visit Fansproject to keep up to date on all their cool projects.

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