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I Got My Ticket for the Long Way 'Round

So by now, it's well known that Toys "Я" Us, the beloved toy store, is closing. And it's well known why. So we're not retreading that here. This is something else.

I didn't grow up with Toys "Я" Us. I've talked about that before - I can recall going to TRU literally one time as a child, though I couldn't tell you how old I was or anything else about it. What I remember is the trip, my mom taking me to this famous place that advertised on TV all the time but I'd never experienced. What I remember is that it happened, not the specifics of what happened.

It wasn't until I was in high school that there was a TRU closer to me. It still wasn't in my town, but rather next to the mall half an hour away. Two malls, actually. And two TRUs, each half an hour away in different directions. Drive 30 minutes north, Toys "Я" Us. Drive 30 minutes south, Toys "Я" Us. That's a bit too far to drive on a regular basis - the kind of trip that needs an excuse, you know? And then when I went to college, the nearest TRU was half an hour away to the west, which... why do I keep living half an hour away from Toys "Я" Us...es?

Anyway, after college things changed, so for many, many years now, I've gone to one Toys "Я" Us or another at least once a week. Averaged out over the years, and counting times when I'd go in the middle of the week and then another time on the weekend, it probably works out to one TRU trip every four or five days.

Here's a conservative estimate to provide a little perspective: since we started OAFE, I've been to Toys "Я" Us more than 800 times.

So to say that I'm going to miss this chain of stores is an astounding understatement. I go to Toys "Я" Us the way other people go to church. And for a lot of the same reasons! Like Dinosaur Dracula said, it's a spiritual rejuvenation, a worthwhile trip even if there wasn't anything new to buy that day.

But that's also not what this PoA is about.

Imagine a close member of your family. You've known them for years, they've always been there, they've been the one constant in your life, and then one day you lose them. And after you do, you realize that you only have a single photograph of them, and it's so old you can barely recognize them. But it's all you have any more. Imagine the pain that comes with that.

Well, I don't plan on making that mistake with Toys "Я" Us. So starting when the closure was confirmed, I started taking a camera with me to TRU, and documenting every one I visited.

March 16, 2018
For the past decade or so, this has been "my" TRU - the local one, the one I've gone to at least once a week. The one I've gone to more than any other in my life. The one that was there at some of the best times in my life, the one that was there for me after the worst day of my life, and the one that was there on many, many kinds of days in between.

Observations: The news of the shut-down is a few days old at this point, but it doesn't seem to have sunk in. There were lots of people shopping. There were new items on the shelf. This looked like a store with a future. Nobody's giving up yet.

What I bought: nothing. Not because there were no discounts yet, but because I didn't see anything new I wanted. This was just a normal trip to the store.

March 17, 2018
It was Saturday, so I decided to take a drive. The destination was a distant TRU I've only been to two or three times before. It's in a different state, and I'd usually stop there after going to a comic-con down that way. It's at the end of a weird little strip mall with a two-story Walmart. Have you ever seen an escalator just for carts? That Walmart has one! And without a TRU there, I probably won't have an excuse to go out of my way to that place again.

Observations: Now this is more of what I was expecting after the liquidation announcement: the shelves are a total mess, with lots of empty spots. Though to be fair, that's kind of what this store looked like every other time I'd been there, so maybe it doesn't mean anything yet.

What I bought: Justice League Parademon (I'd had one stashed at my TRU for a month or so, but it was found a while ago); Grossery Gang Dodgy Donut.

March 29, 2018
This Toys "Я" Us is - you guessed it - half an hour away from me. I used to go up that way more often, because there were two TRUs about 10 minutes apart from each other: they've both since closed, but this one is technically one of those, just moved to a new location. I recall the day I went to the TRU at "the sideways mall" (so-named because of its effed-up parking lot layout) and saw closing signs and big sales; if the clerk hadn't told me they were moving, I'd have assumed they were disappearing for good, and probably never would have gone up there again. (By contrast, the other TRU really did close, and didn't reopen elsewhere. Which was a surprise the day I tried to go there and the building was abandoned. Dang.) Anyway, it's a shame this trip was at night, because this TRU has cool thematic pylons in front of the doors, and I've never seen those elsewhere.

Observations: The wrestling toys section is looking really picked-over, but that's about it. In the girls' section, the shelves of Claire's Boutique items are covered by brown paper over the front for some reason, though the stuff behind them is all still there.

What I bought: Nothing. Considered getting "Value Stop" Ash, because I've never seen it anywhere before, but passed because I have the Ultimate AvED figure.

March 22, 2018
Hey look, we're back at The Local! And it snowed. You notice how I don't bother photographing the Babies "Я" Us side of the building, because I don't care about it? This was the day the liquidation sales were supposed to start, but that wasn't why I was there: it was just my usual weekly trip.

Observations: Store's still looking normal. More people in today than there'd usually be on a Thursday afternoon, but not "the vultures are circling" levels. They're no longer accepting checks - the signs above the registers say so - and a printout by the credit card reader announces that "Я" Us cardholders no longer get a 10% discount. I couldn't help thinking about Charles Lazarus' death, too.

What I bought: ML Songbird, Taskmaster, Cobra, and Iron Man, because they were cheaper at TRU than at Walmart; Gundam Converge Beargguy and RX-78-2, even though I don't know what they are.

March 24, 2018
Okay, here we go. There's no saying how fast the various Toys "Я" Us stores will end up closing, so I didn't want to waste any time. I planned a huge road trip that would take me to every store within a reasonable distance. Well, mostly reasonable. No sane person would have done what I did. Looking at a map, I planned a massive loop that would take me to two dozen different stores - TRU, Walmart, Five Below, Target, Walmart, Kmart, Walmart, TRU, Target, another Target, Walmart, an outlet mall with a TRU in it, Target, TRU, a giant mall, Walmart, Target, TRU, Target, Walmart, Kmart, Walmart, TRU Express, Walmart, then home. Like I said, insanity. And along the way I stopped at a small mall and a Barnes & Noble I hadn't expected.

Full disclosure: I did not make it to all those stores. The trip took so long that eventually things were closing - no point in going into a big mall you've never been to at 8:45pm, right? In hindsight, I could have skipped a bunch of the Walmarts and Targets (though to be fair, I did find good things at some of those, as well, though a few of them were busts). If I'm remembering everything right, I ended up hitting... 21 stores that day? 22? Counting the surprise mall as three, since I went to GameStop, FYE and Hot Topic? That's not bad, considering I'd never been to most of these places and had no idea where I was going. So let's talk TRUs!

3:09 pm


This is what I would consider my "backup" Toys "Я" Us - it's half an hour away (again!), but I try to get out that way as much as I can. Not every month, but a couple times a year, surely. It sits behind a rickety old house, and there used to be a nice stand of trees next to it, but those were recently cut down and a new shopping plaza is being built next to it. Seems like a waste of land, now; if only they'd waited, they could have taken over the existing TRU building. So it goes. This is another TRU I'll miss when it's gone.

Observations: Again, fairly busy, but only a typical Saturday kind of crowd. The Marvel section is slightly empty, and the NECA/Mezco aisle looks like a hurricane has hit it. But they've also got a lot of stuff my local has never once stocked. Stuff I'd have bought long ago if I'd ever seen it there.

What I bought: major NECA haul! Preacher Jesse and Cassidy, Valerian and Laureline, and the Ultimate T-1000.

4:42 pm


The first "new" TRU I went to, this one was across the street from the unexpected mall. Despite the fact that it's the same "glass front" style as the previous one, you can tell it's not the same place because the doors are in a different place.

Observations: Now here were the major crowds I was expecting! Almost every aisle was packed with people, like going shopping right before Christmas. No thank you!

What I bought: Blade Runner Luv and Borderlands Zero. I don't know who any of these people are, and yet: toys.

7:42 pm


I had a heck of a time finding the outlet mall, but once I did, I parked by the Toys "Я" Us sign, figuring that's where the store would be. And it was, but not in the direction I thought, so first I hit one of those game-and-calendar stores, then finally found a directory to point me to the TRU - if I'd turned right instead of left, I'd have been able to see the store from where I walked in.

Observations: oh my god, this was so obviously an ex-KB Toys that was converted to a TRU. Like, walking through the door, I was instantly transported in time back to the '90s. The checkouts in that little nook against the side wall, the flooring, the number of aisles... the only thing missing was a cage at the front of the store with Bumble Balls jumping around inside it. On my quest to say goodbye to Toys "Я" Us, finding the corpse of a Kay Bee was perhaps the most perfect moment of the day, a summation of everything I was doing. This will give me joy in my heart for a long time to come.

What I bought: DC Multiverse Atom, Batman, Batwing and Reaper - the other four figures from the same series as Duke Thomas. Are you freaking kidding me?! Walmart hasn't stocked these, Target hasn't stocked these, Amazon had them available for about a minute... but here comes TRU, on its way out of business, and yet still selling toys better than anyone else can. I'd only wanted Reaper, but ended up getting all four because they were there. I am completely floored by the existence of this dual-legacy store, and completely floored by its toy selection. Seriously, high point of the day!

8:28 pm


I learned, recently, that the largest mall in the US is in a town called "King of Prussia," in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. (Yes, the more famous Mall of America takes up a larger amount of land, but a lot of its space is given over to things like roller coasters and other attractions; when it comes to the biggest indoor shopping space, KOP is the winner.) And since there was a TRU next door, it seemed like that was a place worth going, meaning that technically the point of this day trip was to go to the King of Prussia Mall. But since it was 8:30 before I got there, I didn't even get to go inside. A failure is me! But hey, I still got to go to the Toys "Я" Us.

Observations: The "Babies" half of this store was looking really empty! At least, from the front door - I didn't go over that way, because why would I? An employee who was cleaning up the Avengers/Justice League area at the front of the store was weirdly super-helpful, talking to me like I'd never been to a TRU before. Oh, my friend, if only you knew! But hey, props to him on not slacking off as the end approaches.

What I bought: Beetlejuice Minimates and the TRU-exclusive Spider-Man Homecoming Iron Man and Happy Hogan Minimates, because how much longer will I have the opportunity? Also, an "Ultimate Batmobile" Lego polybag, because it looks fun, and a Lego Batman Egghead Mech Fight, because it looks like a giant egg.

9:13 pm


I skipped the mall, a Walmart and a Target in order to hurry over to this next Toys "Я" Us.

Observations: I observe that all the other TRUs were closing at 9:30, but this one closed at 9. So I was too late. I will now never set foot inside this particular Toys "Я" Us - it will be forever alien to me. So you know what that means: it had every single toy inside it that I ever wanted but was unable to get. It's Schrödinger's toy store! The place where, if only I'd been there before it closed, they would have had everything in stock. Everything. Like, an aisle full of SOTA, ReSaurus, and Plan-B toys. Every NECA figure I've regretted passing on. Piles of DST. Everything.

What I bought: You can't prove a negative. Anyway, I hit a few more Walmarts after that, because they were still open, but that was the end of my massive TRU trip.

March 27, 2018
Was going to the movies, so I hit up The Local again. It's a great way to pass a couple minutes, and I'm going to do that for as long as I can.

Observations: Aww, man, the "Store Closing" sign is up. That hurts.

What I bought: Nothin'.

March 29, 2018
Back at it again at Krisy Kreme The Local. Another movie, another excuse to stop by.

Observations: I can start to tell things are selling out - aisles are being consolodated, pegs aren't as full as they were before, stuff like that. If I weren't going as often as I am, though, I probably wouldn't see the difference so easily.

What I bought: Again, nothing. Didn't expect to. But if he makes it all the way to the end, I think I may buy a Constable Zuvio here.

March 31, 2018
Another road trip, you say? Don't mind if I do! I really do want to visit every TRU I reasonably can, after all. And today was about going to the ones I'd gone to back in high school.

9:12 am


This one, surprisingly, was not half an hour away from me - it was more like 40 minutes. And since it wasn't just a straight shot up or down the road to get there, I didn't go very often at all. What I most associate with it is going there with my college girlfriend: this TRU sits right next to a little indy book store, so one shopping plaza covered both our obsessions; we'd stop at the book store mainly for her but also for me, and then stop at TRU mainly for me but also for her. Both those stores have outlived the mall across the street, which is dead and empty now. The last time we were there, the only stores inside were a Hallmark and a pseudo-bodega. It was literally selling fresh fruit from crates that were sitting in the middle of the mall like a kiosk. Later someone was stabbed to death inside the movie theater.

Observations: The "R Zone" (the electronics area) was almost empty. The action figure aisle had a layout I've never seen anywhere else: rather than being full-length shelves, there were little pass-through archways in the middle of them, allowing you to switch aisles quickly. I've been to plenty of TRUs, but none of them have had anything like this.

What I bought: Nothing. But I did half-heartedly try to take a sun-bleached TRU sign out of the window.

9:57 am


Now this, this is my childhood Toys "Я" Us. It's been renovated, obviously, but that was "my" TRU for many years. Once I started getting my comics nearby, I went there once a week. I may have a different Local now, but this is the TRU I judge all others by. Or, well, the TRU it used to be, I guess. Things are different inside now. This store always seemed to get Lego sets earlier than everyone else - like, they would have the new sets for a given year before the old year was over.

Observations: For ages they've had their McNECA stuff on the endcaps of the action figure aisles, but now it's all been moved back to the electronics area. The selection here is pretty good, too: they've also got some of the DC figures I got at that old KB for instance (I saw Reaper on the front of the pegs, but since I'd already gotten them, I didn't bother looking through the rest).

What I bought: Lego Architecure Chicago, Marvel Legends Hydra two-pack.

11:18 am


While that TRU (the "half hour north" one) was my main store, this one (the "half hour south" one) was the backup. I never went down to this one as often as I went to the other, but I enjoyed knowing it was there.

Observations: Though this will probably be the last time I'm ever there, what I actually think of as "the" last time was really years ago: I saw the Transformers Energon Grimlock and Swoop set there, and didn't buy it, which was a choice I regretted; as long as I never went back, I could imagine the set was still there, waiting for me to buy it.

What I bought: Pacific Rim Raijin, Prometheus Fifield, and Lego Superman & Krypto Team-Up.

April 6, 2018
You can probably identify this place by now - it's The Local! Those handicapped parking spaces you can see in the picture were just added a few months ago - before that, they were in the middle between the Toys "Я" Us and Babies "Я" Us halves of the building, but then more were added. Otherwise this photo would have been taken closer to the doors.

Observations: they are still putting out new merchandise! The ML Hydra pack I got last week just showed up in numbers here, plus there was suddenly NECA stuff they hadn't had out before. It still doesn't feel like a store that's closing, which is going to make it hurt all the more when it does. The import toys are running low, though, and there's now a spot where you can sign up for info on buying the fixtures.

What I bought: Carcassonne, Seafarers of Catan, and Lego Women of NASA. Hey, I've got varied interests.

April 7, 2018
On a quest for Shocka, so it was back on the road again.

2:38 pm


To the Backup! There's even more construction going on around it, now. A hotel or something? I'd be disappointed if I were staying in a hotel and learned that, once upon a time, there was a Toys "Я" Us next door. Which got me thinking about all the wee ones who are now going to have to grow up without being Toys "Я" Us kids. Who would want that?

Observations: the superhero display at the front of the store has almost been picked clean. I overheard someone (presumably brought in to help with the liquidation) giving the manager(?) tips on the best way to spread things out on the shelves. There are large, dirty spots on the floor where the drink fridges have been removed from the front registers.

What I bought: Rick and Morty Spaceship and Garage building sets, Ultimate Motorcycle Cop T-1000.

3:25 pm


I've been to this outlet mall TRU before, but they've moved since the last time I was there - in fact, I thought they'd closed, but no, they just moved to the back, where you can't see them from the road. Great choice.

Observations: they had three people working the register, but only one in a TRU uniform? What, was it Casual Saturday? Outlet stores are always slightly overpriced, which is kind of counter-intuitive, and today was no different.

What I bought: Nothing. They didn't have anything I needed, and I wasn't going to overpay for something just to say I'd gotten it. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever gotten anything at this store, in all the times I've ever stopped there! I had better luck at the calendar store a few doors down. That's how I will always remember you, TRU Express: for changing locations, and being under-stocked.

April 14, 2018
Remember when I was here three weeks ago and there was snow on the ground? Now it's 80° and I'm wearing shorts and sandals. Man, summer freaking sucks.

Observations: They're up to 40% off, but only on some things - action figures are holding steady at 10. And again they had NECA things today that they hadn't had before! Marvel Legends, too. The front of the store is mainly dominated by swimming pool boxes, and the Amiibo selection is down to just peg after peg of Ryu and Daisy.

What I bought: Bladerunner... Jared Leto. Does he have a name? Probably. But I don't care, I just wanted to get a NECA Jared Leto figure to go with whatshername I got last month. Some day I'll probably see that movie.

April 18, 2018
I go to this TRU so often I don't just recognize the workers, I can recognize their cars - I don't know anyone's names, but I know who's working based on the cars in the parking lot. I knew when one employee bought a new car, because I recognized her license plate on a different vehicle than before. I don't want to be one of the "two-faced" folks Will mentioned, acting sorry for the employees while only trying to get the biggest sale - I really do feel bad for these people. And not in a general way, I feel bad for them specifically.

Observations: Action figures are now up to 15% off. One of the Lego aisles has been converted to girls' toys. The employees seem frustrated at having to move things around on the shelves.

What I bought: Nothing today.

April 23, 2018
Apparently yesterday they had people standing out on the corner, holding signs about the closing. Today they had nothing.

Observations: The "import toys" are has been compressed down to just half the display now, with the other side taken over by electric trains. The care and precision put into maintaining the order of the Funko POP area is impressive, though.

What I bought: ML Vision/Scarlet Witch two-pack. Never expected that to show up! Maybe there's a chance for the Ant-Man and Teen Groot sets, too?

April 26, 2018
Pre-Infinity War stop at the Local!

Observations: Not a lot's changed since I was here three days ago.

What I bought: Nothing. This was just a normal stop before heading to the movie theater.

May 2, 2018
A new month! Hang in there, TRU.

Observations: Hey, action figures are up to 20% off now!

What I bought: And yet I didn't buy anything. I finally decided to get the Dad of War I've been eyeing, but they sold out.

May 2, 2018
Laundry? Grocery shopping? A haircut? Why would I do any of these things when I could instead drive my ass to a couple TRUs? Ah, just kidding - I woke up and did laundry early so I could have time to drive my ass to a couple TRUs!

2:03 pm


Oh, there are the people holding the signs! Still haven't seen them at the Local, but the Backup had one out there today, looking unhappy to be standing in the sun. It's just like when a furniture store closes.

Observations: Yes, dudebro behind me, I took a picture. Laugh it up. I'll have this picture and memory of my trip when you're reading nostalgia articles on Buzzfeed. Filthy casual.

What I bought: Gotham Hugo Strange, iZombie Liv Moore, Dad of War

4:08 pm


Look, it's that little outlet store version again! And it only has nine more days to live.

Observations: So empty. So empty. This is what the future holds for every TRU, and it makes me sad. Sad on my inside parts.

What I bought: You had nothing for me, empty little store. I will still cherish my memories of you, and your needless trio of workers.

May 12, 2018
Okay, I didn't actually end up grocery shopping last weekend like I planned to. But there's a grocery store near The Local, so why don't I just go over there, eh?

Observations: I'd rather be buying toys than groceries. Even though action figures are now at 30% off. Shockingly, there are lots more people there on a Saturday than there are when I go Wednesday or Thursday.

What I bought: Nada.

May 13, 2018
What better way to spend Mother's Day than by driving half an hour to the Backup? (Don't worry, moms of the world, I used the car phone to call home on the way back.)

Observations: This store doesn't really look empty yet, but you can tell they're really stretching the merchandise out to cover any blank spots. Many pegs will only have one or two things on them each, and the separation of areas is starting to break down: things are just getting moved to wherever there's an empty space.

What I bought: Inspired by someone on Twitter, I came home with a bit of "Я" logo signage.

Also their last Mystery Minis Gears of War box. A Locust drone.

May 14, 2018
What's that you say? I need to pick up a book at the library? Which I would have done yesterday if not for a freaking street fair? Well, while I'm out, I might as well buy my tickets for Deadpool 2. And, why, look what's here next to the movie theater!

Observations: They've stopped bothering to do any groundskeeping. The grass along the edges of the parking lot is growing wild. Signs on the door proclaim that the liquidator has bought "similar quality merchandise" to add to the sale.

What I bought: Zilch.

May 18, 2018
This is The Local again - I just figured you'd like to see something other than that same old head-on angle for a change.

Observations: action figures are up to 40% off now, Lego's at 20%. The new merchandise brought in seems to be housed mostly up against the registers.

What I bought: WWE Elite Lita. Thanks, new merch!

May 19, 2018
Remember the TRU with the cool pylons? This is it when the sun is up.

Observations: Good lord, whoever is sending stock to this store is a maniac. Dozens of identical figures. Scores of them. Not full selections of a series, but one. Single. Figure. Over and over.

What I bought: Halo Master Chief, construction block Centipede arcade cabinet

I wasn't a Toys "Я" Us kid, not the way many were; more of a Toys "Я" Us teen, and then a Toys "Я" Us adult. I may not have prepubescent memories of the place, but it's always meant a lot to me, both as a source of toys to supply my hobby, and as a source of ethos. I don't wanna grow up, 'cause baby, if I did, I couldn't be a Toys "Я" Us kid.

And I'm sure gonna miss them when they're gone.

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