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by yo go re

Some folks claimed that Lego's new direction meant the end of the traditional "free play" values the company had always touted, that sets with storylines and defined characters limited the fun kids could have. Well, the Lego Club soon disproved that when they began offering alternate instructions for the Bionicle sets.

The Dikapi is a hardy desert bird with a strong beak and a distinctive flute-like whistle. Although it cannot fly, it can run for hours upon end without stopping for food or rest. Some Dikapi have been trained by the Matoran of Po-Koro to carry scouts and messengers quickly across the sands.

Whole lot of birds on Mata Nui, aren't there? The dikapi seems to be a Bionicle version of the US southwestern roadrunner. All we need now is a Bionicle coyote to chase it. Thanks to the gears mounted in its shoulders, the dikapi's little wings flap as its head turns, which really makes it look like it's running away willy-nilly.

Instructions for building this set are available online for free to members of the Lego Club in the "Buildit" section.


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