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Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

DC Comics
by yo go re

One's a football player from the future. The other's a nerd with a weight problem. What don't they have in common?

More Giffen-era Leaguers, ready to throw down with the current incarnation. I've already got Guy Gardner (sorta), Fire, Ice, and these two - soon my plan will be complete.

Blue Beetle was an Ice Skate Robin (something like that) with clay added for the head and the goggles. Hardest part of that figure was making sure the lines of his costume were straight and even on both sides. Booster Gold was a Quick Change Bruce Wayne (also from B+R) with clay for the goggles, the collar of his shirt, and wrist blasters. Since Bruce was one of those figures where the head pushes down into the torso to facilitate the "quick change," I had to superglue the mechanism into place before I began painting.

The figures are 5" tall with five points of articulation each, and humor to spare!

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

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