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The Ray

DC Comics
by yo go re

Just what the world needs - another hot-head.

Son of the original Ray, the teen hero currently using the name was kept from all light sources for the majority of his early life. The moment he absorbed a little sunlight, however, he could never go back into the dark.

The Ray was a very easy figure to create; he began life as an X-Man from Marvel's Most Wanted line. I repainted all the blue areas black, and sculpted a new, more appropriate head. The fin on top was actually a sliver of the blister from X-Man's package, pushed into the soft clay. The firey base really adds a lot to this figure, making him look as if he just lifted off into flight.

Ray has 11 points of articulation, and his base gives him a little bit of a height boost over the other figures.

The Ray

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