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DC Comics
by yo go re

Warning! Spoiler's below!

Daughter of third-rate-Riddler "The Cluemaster," Stephanie Brown might seem a more likely candidate for villain than hero. Intent on seeing her father brought to justice, however, Stephanie donned the purple and blue tights in an effort to help Batman and Robin nail the Cluemaster and his gang. After spoiling her father's plans, Steph decided to hang on to the costume and the lifestyle a little while longer, if only as an excuse to hang around the dreamboat Boy Wonder.

Ah, yet another young kid who likes to hang around dark places with wealthy old men. And yet Michael Jackson's popularity continues its downward spiral. Go figure. Anyway, this figure was made from the first Invisible Woman figure released by Marvel in the early 90s, and boy am I glad I held onto at least one; with its small head and poorly sculpted body, the figure looks less like a woman, and more like a teenage girl, which is perfect! I used Crayola Model Magic for the boot cuffs, gloves, satchel, hood and mask, and blended the purple of her costume myself. The cape came from whatever Batman & Robin monstrosity I used to make my Nightwing custom.

Spoiler is 5" tall, and is articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.


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