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by yo go re

This is one angry little dude. Angry.

The second X-Men boxed set did not include a figure of Wolverine, although that is the point at which he joined the team. The logic behind that decision was that there were enough Wolverines already on the market that collectors could choose their favorite to stand with the team. The only problem with that notion is that none of the figures of Logan were the right scale. So I set about to rectify that.

I got one of the Ninja Force Wolverines from a few years back and began by painting his entire body white. I then added on the boot "wings" and shoulder pads, and painted him up with the correct colors. Success!

All hunched over like this, Wolverine is a little shorter than his teammates, but that's the way it's supposed to be. He's got nine points of articulation, and I hope to someday give him the metal claws he's supposed to have.


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