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by Human Girl

Hello! Me am Human Girl. Me apologize beforehand for not using fancy talk like Monkey Boy. He am my boyfriend! He am best of all! Ook Ook!

Me review today, wonderful toy: Banana! Also good as food item, eek eek! So it doubly good. It made by wonderful toyfood company, Chiquita! Packaging am rather plain, me give low rating. It yellow, but brown spots add to score, keep it visually interesting. Ook!

Opening packaging not as hard as Marvel Legend clamshell, haw haw! You grab pointy stick end of banana and peel. Sculpt of banana is okay, no Four Horseman that for sure! Har har! It mostly rough but with neat spongy texture. Me not sure how long it hold up over time.

Paint is not very intricate. Figure molded in whitish-yellow. Some brown spots here and there, this may vary figure to figure. Packaging is some help, but these pretty much blind boxed at local supermarket. Avoid green packages! Those put out illegally before street date by stoopid employees. Target, will you ever learn? Har har har OO ooh oohh AHH AHH AHH!!!!

Articulation and accessories not there. Figure impossible to move without breaking. Me broke right out of package! Quality control, name is not Chiquita. Customer service, no help at all! Me throw feces at phone all day, but no help to obtain replacement banana. Toy.

Best thing about banana is that it disappear after a few minutes. Then mouth and tongue feel good, like tasty explosion happen. It bad because banana is nowhere to be found, but also good because me hunger satisfied. Then a few hours later me poop.

Who is Human Girl? Find out here!

-- 04/01/09

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