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Poe Ghostal

Poe Ghostal
The Smart One

Once referred to as "The Time Magazine of toy reviewing," Poe Ghostal was one of the founding members of OAFEand still occasionally writes a so-called review. Poe has been collecting toys since age 4, or so he thinks. He's written several articles for ToyFare magazine, including an interview with the Four Horsemen (issue #100). In his spare time he writes fiction and talks to himself.

1. What got you into reviewing? What figure was so cool that you just had to tell everyone about it?
None. I was dragged into it by Shocka and yo.

2. What's your favorite review?
Tenderheart Bear. Ass tattoos rock.

3. Best late night talk show host?
Stephen Colbert.

4. Who's your favorite hero/villain?
Hellboy and Grand Moff Tarkin.

5. Best thing about toys right now?
Balljointed necks galore!

6. Worst thing about toys right now?

7. What's your guilty pleasure?
SpongeBob Squarepants.

8. Sculpt, paint or articulation?

9. Mexican, Italian or Chinese?

10. What's the first toy you remember getting?
A little Mighty Mouse figure.

11. Favorite toy of all time?
Grimlock (Transformers, Generation 1)

12. Favorite band?
Pearl Jam.

13. We all buy a lot of toys; what do you actually collect?
Just Hellboy, right now.

14. Your most wanted toy line?
Mystery Science Theater 3000.

15. Who makes the best toys?
Santa Claus.

16. What's your favorite candy?
Dinosour Eggs. Do they still make those?

17. What toy that you never got as a kid have you sought out now that you're an adult?
I always wanted one of those Bandai vinyl Mecha-Godzilla figures, and got one a few years ago.

18. What obscure, unmarketable property would you love to have as figures?
Toejam & Earl.

19. What are you into besides toys?
Writing fiction and drowning puppies. No, wait; just the writing part.

20. What's your secret stash for finding toys?
It's called eBay.

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