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Stuff I Bought This Weekend

by Dr. Mrs. The Ghostal

Poe goes toy hunting pretty much every weekend. Sometimes he goes with friends, sometimes he goes alone, but often he goes with me. He runs around to multiple stores searching for figures, then comes home and writes about all the toys he did or didn't buy in painstaking detail. Enough people read his stuff to indicate that you all find this interesting, but really, you're only getting half of the story. To complete your worldview, here's all the stuff I bought during this weekend's toy hunt (you know, the actual useful, practical stuff). I've included a picture of each (Batman is included to show scale - you people seem to like that).

Peaches & Cream yarn
by Pisgah Yarns & Dyeing Co.
Poe likes to go to Wal*Mart to look for DCUC figures. This seems like an exercise in futility to me, because he has never found DCUC figures at a Wal*Mart, but that's a story for another forum, and I really don't need to hear any more bitching about exclusives. What Wal*Mart does carry is Peaches & Cream cotton yarn. Yarn is very important to a knitter like me. It's like canvas to a painter, clay to a sculptor, or Sculpey and spare parts to a customizer. Peaches & Cream represents the very best of the work-horse cotton yarns; it's wonderfully soft and comes in a wide variety of colors. I really like this blue - one day it will be turned into a sweater for a friend's baby, or a hat for me, or something else. I don't really know. I just like buying yarn and having it around. Like any of you can judge. I've seen how big an action figure collection can get. At least my stuff can be turned into clothes.

Pad of paper for grocery list with magnet
(A.C. Moore)
I know you're thinking that A.C. Moore doesn't sell action figures. And you're right. But A.C. Moore is in the same shopping center as Toys Я Us, so Poe drops me off here so that I can look at more yarn while he's off looking at more toys. Plus, there's a DSW right next door, so I can look at shoes, too. On this day, however, what I found myself most in need of was a magnetized grocery list that we can hang on the fridge to write what we need to get at the store this week. A.C. Moore had a bunch of different pads, and they were only a dollar, so that was cool. Although some of the designs were weird - one had a Scottie dog, one had a picture of chandeliers, and I really don't know what either of those has to do with food. I went for the plain but pretty polka dots. Now if I had only found a magnetized pen, we'd really be in business.

Sponge holder
Target is by far my favorite toy store because they have everything I could possibly need. (However, it did not have everything Poe could possibly need. Our Target only has DCUC figures from Series 2 and 4. Way to be current, Target). One need that did get fulfilled was a way to keep our kitchen sponges from getting all gross and smelly. I'm hoping that this lovely silver sculpture will keep our sponges dry and mildew-free. I may be out of luck, however, as the suction cups really suck. Or rather, don't suck. Next trip I'll have to pick up some of those 3M hook things so that I can hang the hold on the wall. I am sad, too, that the sponge holder did not actually come with a sponge, which would have been the obvious accessory.

CG Boundless Color Nail polish in color 430, "City Lights"
When it comes to paint application, you really can't beat a good glittery nail polish. Unlike solid colors, the glitter hides and imperfections or chips. This is really important to people like me, who have a hard time painting the nails on their right hand, or who often stick their fingers into acetic acid while at work. The only weird part is that the glitter makes your fingernails feel sandpaper-y, which takes a while to get used to.

After a long day of shopping, one needs nourishment. And Target has a pretty decent market section, with really reasonable prices. Seeing as we had no food at home (remember the grocery problem?), and the food court at our Target is still undergoing renovation, we settled for frozen provisions in their colorful packaging. Poe's a sucker for Buffalo wings, and I really like Amy's frozen burritos.

The Whoppers are also mine. Sorry those are open in the picture, I know you guys like to see stuff kept perfect in its packaging, but the Mass Pike was backed up on the way home and I got hungry.

Who is Dr. Mrs. The Ghostal? Find out here!

-- 04/01/09

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