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Delphina of Eathyross

Mythic Legions
by Rustin Parr

Templars - why is that "Red Cross on White Tunic" so cool!? The Four Horsemen really grabbed me once they started making Crusade/Templar Knights in the Mythic Legions line, so this was an obvious must-have for my budding (ahem) "legion" of Christendom!

Growing up near Eathyron's Temple in the city of Eathyross, Delphina was always fascinated with the Templar Knights and their holy temple. As she grew, the fact that the order was enigmatic, mysterious, and operated secretly, ignited Delphina's imagination and nourished her desire to join the Templars. Delphina was nineteen years old when Sir Gideon Heavensbrand reestablished the Templars and they began to recruit new members. Although quite young to be a Templar knight, Delphina of Eathyross has become a spirited and vital member of the order.

The second Mythic Legions Kickstarter, "Advent of Decay" (whatever that means), introduced a new set of bodies which finally allowed for female figures in this series. I mean, I say "finally" but these were released in late 2018 (Kickstarter was in early 2017) while the original series shipped in mid 2016 (Kickstarter was in early 2015)... so at this point we've had women in the line much longer than we didn't.

This lady shares the same armored bodyparts as the rest of the women in this series, but features a unique chest and torso sporting a sort of tunic. The shared parts work well here, and highlight the relative versatility of the sculpts using just paint to make them feel fairly different for each figure. Of course, this means she suffers the same weak ankle issue as the others which causes her to lean forward a bit.That has to be countered at the knees and hips, though that gets a bit tricky given that they tend to be "sticky" and work almost like a ratchet joint.

For whatever reason, the "tunic torso" for this series/body is more of a sort of armored plate over the chest rather than the entirely cloth sculpt used for the 1.0 bodies. Aesthetically it looks very cool, with lots of detail both in sculpt and paint, including visible armor on the sides and back. However, it doesn't feel at home in midst of the male figures, which are comparably simple, making it tough to really feel she could be a "legion builder." Likewise, all that extra detailing completely negates the possibility of them plausibly "slugging" it for generic builders the way they can and do (even Crusaders) with the male torso.

One of the highlights of this figure was her unique helmet, a cool conical bullet-like shape with raised cross pattern over the eyes and face. As much I love the more fantasy-esque elements of the line, these more historically accurate one are quite appealing to me. There is a little bit of that "DiCapprio pointing at the TV" meme to recognizing it, but more it's a reminder that classical armorers already had well evolved aesthetics and compelling designs. It's very cool to get toys of that stuff without the need for the modern artists to "put their stink on it." This helm is also a great complement to the bucket helms used for the previous Mythic Legions Crusader Knights.

Another of the highlights is the inclusion of Mythic Legions' first crossbow! Much like the helmet, it seems to be fairly historically accurate. However, unlike the helmet, that means it's turned out kind of bland looking and a bit of a hassle to use with the figures. The sculpt is a rectangular wooded shaft with a long metal handle/trigger in the underside and a metal top with a small clip for an arrow. The titular cross is also sculpted to look like metal, and in as a very cool surprise, the drawstring is an actual elastic string. The handle, unfortunately, is sculpted fairly blocky and a bit too large for this figure to correctly grip (maybe it was designed for the larger grip on the original, bigger body type). The biggest issue, though, is that there is no curvature to the handle meaning it essentially can only be held like a sword... perpendicular to the arm. Thus, any character can either "shoot from the hip," straight upward, or, at best, angle their entire body to aim. Pretty disappointing, and a painful reminder of how desperate the line was for alternate hands for so long. Indeed, I'm not sure there is any correct option even now.

She also gets an arrow that can fit in the crossbow, a quiver with arrows sculpted in, a belt for it to clip on to, a generic sword and the same shield from the original series (now with the plug-on handle rather than clip). As part of the stretch goals many figures came with three weird pieces that come with no explanation; the Horsemen seem to take for granted that anyone collecting their stuff is also reading every message board post and watching/listening to every video/podcast they do. These pieces are meant for the rectangle plug in the vertical rectangle on the back of the torso and include two pegholes. Effectively they are for wings (at the time only previously available in the bird lines years before) and extend out past the shoulder armor for better use of those.

The coolest stretch goal inclusion was an all-new, unique un-helmeted head! The face is a beautiful sculpt with really nice, nuanced paint. The hair is a separate sculpt of long hair which looks nice but does limit poseability. I think I would have preferred a bit more wind-swept or shorter hair as this feels like holds us back from action poses. I also would have expected fairer skin and hair tones here since my perception of the Crusades are they were lighter skin tones invading darker ones, but maybe that's just my own ignorance. Regardless, this head is great and a very welcome addition! My only real complaint is that we didn't get a neck in matching skin color, leaving Delphina permanently silver-necked.

All-in-all, this an absolutely gorgeous figure and a real highlight of this series, if not entire line. The sculpt and paint are wonderfully detailed and she pairs perfectly with Sir Godfrey and the other Crusader Knights!

-- 02/21/24

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