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Laurie Strode

Halloween (2018)
by Rustin Parr

Question: if the 2018 Halloween sequel/reboot ["seqboot"? --ed.] did away with every other sequel in the franchise, and the "Laurie is Michael's baby sister" thing wasn't revealed until Halloween II, then are they still related now, or is he just after her "because"?

We all pretty much expected to get Michael Myers from the new Halloween movie but to get Laurie Strode... that's been the impossible dream of the franchise since toys started being made! But impossible dreams are what NECA specializes in. I mean, come on - this is an action figure of a 60-year-old woman, and she's super badass!!!

The new movie was pretty good but my favorite thing about it was their take on Laurie. There is certainly an air of T2 Sarah Connor to her, but (especially given the time between the original and the new one) there is something very fresh and exciting about seeing the original scream queen as a PTSD survivor armed to the teeth, and I'm very excited to get this character as a figure.

Clearly NECA was excited too and they pulled out all the stops. We get two interchangeable heads, and both have an incredible Jamie Lee Curtis likeness; definitely among NECA's best work. The only difference between them, though, is that one has glasses. It's kind of a bummer that the hair and faces are identical between the two, and it's strange that the head with the glasses actually seems to somehow more accurate of a likeness... but there you have it. Adding a prop helps "anchor" our perception of a person, which is why it's always weird when your friend who wears glasses or has facial hair shows up one day without them.

Unlike her fellow "action granny" Sarah Connor, Laurie still dresses like a normal woman, not a tactical soldier. She's wearing a solid blue shirt, a grey jacket, and black jeans. A small golden cross necklace is sculpted around her neck. The only reason you wouldn't see someone dressed like this when you went out in public is that the outfit is so plain and average, your eyes would just glide right past them and you'd never pare them a thought. The only nod to her martial, doomsday-prepper mentality is her choice of footwear: instead of comfortable shoes, she's wearing short work boots with the cuffs of her pants tucked into them. She's got a holster sheath hanging from her belt too, but that's mostly hidden by her jacket.

Laurie is also articulated to the teeth, with all of the standard points of articulation that we've come to expect from NECA's Ultimate figures, including some of the best double-balljointed elbows yet. They look great both straight and bent and allow for a lot of great range poses! This kind of joint was pretty ugly when it first appeared, but they've kept working at it and have managed to refine it into something aesthetic over time. The figure stands a little less than 6¾" tall, because Jamie Lee is 5'7", and presumably Laurie is as well.

She comes with her handgun, her knife, her shotgun and even her daughter's rifle (which of course makes us want a Judy Greer figure to wield it). We get two interchangeable right hands, one for holding a gun and one for holding the knife, as well as the two heads.

I love this figure so much and I'm so excited that it exists in today's world - especially to pair Old Laurie Strode with Old Sarah Connor! We just need an Old Sigourney Weaver to complete the action/horror/sci-fi hat trick.

-- 10/31/20

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