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Rick and Morty
by Shocka

Continuing with our Funko Fridays (or Morty Mondays, or Rick.... Thursdays) we have Rick's best friend in the world, Birdperson!

"The Beacon was activated. Who is in danger?"

Coming off our last review, which was a bit of a downer, Birdperson is a far superior figure and maybe the best in the line. Birdperson stands an impressive 5¼" tall, perfectly in scale with his friend Rick, and is an impressive 3D-recreation of the "beloved" Rick and Morty character. He has known Rick for many years; the road they walked together is soaked deeply in the blood of both friends and enemies. And he was the singer in the band they formed with Squanchy (The Flesh Curtains)! His big day was at the battle of Blood Ridge on Glapflap's third moon against the Gromflomites.

Birdperson has always been one of the strangest-looking characters in the Rick and Morty canon, and they've done a great job capturing his pseudo-Vulture look with a normal-looking human head and torso adorned with bird features. I'm very fond of the MOTU-like loincloth, complimented by his chicken-like boots. And who wouldn't enjoy the majesty of his bird-nipples?

Like all of these figures, paint isn't quite up to scratch; because Birdperson's design is simplistic, there's mostly plain, undetailed colors to each piece here, but the areas that do have paint suffer from the unfortunate slop that encumbers this line. Look closely at the ones on the shelf before you buy, and choose the best! Also, the color of the plastic has, at points, an unfortunate gloss, which isn't as bad here as on other figures - just assume his torso is glistening with hot Birdperson sweat - but it's an odd visage against other cartoon-based action figures.

Birdperson shares articulation with the other Funko Rick and Morty toys: balljointed neck, rotating hinge shoulders and legs, then pegs at the knees and elbows, and finally swivel joints at the wrists and shoes, with one major bonus - his two wings are also articulated, and fold out to an impressive wingspan! The wings are not removable but they elevate this figure, and partially make up for a lack of accessories, as Birdperson only includes his Snowball Build-a-Figure piece as an accessory. Curiously, despite his top-heaviness with the wings, Birdperson stands quite well, which is great.

And so it goes that Birdperson is a solid addition to this line, despite not being as pivotal a character as, say, Jerry or other members of the family. He's a fun toy and a stand-out figure for this line. I didn't expect to be so fond of him, but he's one of my favorite recent Funko purchases.

-- 11/17/17

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