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Dodgey Donut

The Grossery Gang
by Shocka

I am a big fan of Moose Toys, the Australian company behind the Grossery Gang (among other quality action figures and toys). Here at OAFE we love The Grossery Gang in particular, with their terrific range of larger action figures complimenting the line of smaller collectible toys, as well as excellent playsets and vehicles. It is because of the latter, though, that I must preface this review with a disclaimer that I do not want anyone to buy anything from Moose Toys going forward.

My intense frustration with this company came to a head recently; as you know, I am an Australian collector, where it's generally a frustrating pain to try to collect toys, with most product not reaching our shores. I've been fortunate enough to have overseas friends happy to hook me up with action figures and the like that never hit Oz, as well as the few things that do hit here at wildly over-the-top prices. As an Australian company, Moose Toys generally did okay in having their product on Oz store shelves, and without the inordinate markup most companies do. So it's incredibly frustrating to have been lied to, repeatedly, by their customer service, when reaching out to see if the final series of The Grossery Gang would come out in Australia, or if I'd have to import them.

"...you may still find Series 5 Time Wars on shelf in all major retailers."

"The Grossery Gang range (including the play sets you are after) was released to all major retailers in Australia."

Lies lies lies lies lies LIES!!! No Australian retailers sold these, at all. I frequent all of the major department stores, as well as great online stores, and this was skipped in Australia completely. I'm perplexed as to how an Australian company would skip out on selling their wares in Australian stores, but I'm frustrated and annoyed that they'd choose to lie to me, repeatedly, especially having been a loyal customer from The Trash Pack through Shopkins to The Grossery Gang. So, eff 'em.

Rock hard and ready to roll, Dodgey Donut is rude, crude and barely food! Dodgey Donut is a hole lotta trouble! With limbs of iced rings, he's a donut who's about to go nuts! When it's time for a dirty battle, he's the one you'll want by your side. This scrappy snack is always 'round when you need him! Get ready to fight dirty!

Dodgey Donut was a common "Half Baked Bakery" Grossery from the first series of The Grossery Gang PVCs, here expanded into glorious fully-articulated action figure form for the first seroes of action figures. Standing about 4" tall, Dodgey Donut is gloriously sculpted as a larger upscale, with excellent sculpting all over; start with the top of his donut, where pink frosting covers the top of his "head". His eyes and mouth form a twisted grimace, with green slime splattering from under his teeth, then more frosting of different colors adorns his limbs, with sprinkles! The paint and detail is great, appropriately colorful and gross.

Because of his unique shape, Dodgey Donut is only articulated at the legs and shoulders, with solid and effective swivel/hinges. These are nice and sturdy joints, and allow for some fun play and display, especially wielding his main accessory, his nunchucks! Although unpainted, this is a great little accessory for him to attack with, and he can hold it with both hands. And keeping with the line's theme, the weapon is made from churros! Finally, Dodgey Donut includes an exclusive rubbery Grossery, a fly-covered Dodgey Donut of his own!!

So, Dodgey Donut is another great addition to his line, but Moose Toys are jerks and they can bite my ass.

-- 09/25/19

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