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18" Mini-Me

McFarlane Toys
by Shocka

The 18" Mini-Me is not a conventional action figure in any sense - although created as part of McFarlane Toy's popular Austin Powers line, Mini-Me is almost life-sized - standing 18" tall, he's half the size as actor Verne Troyer (the actor behind the 1/8-sized Dr. Evil clone) and definitely not limited to a 6" scale.

Mini-Me Mini-Me sports a typical McToys sculpt; Mini-Me is dead-on to the onscreen character, from the perfect likeness to the nifty little details like the "Evil" ring on his finger and the scar running down his face. A fine job has been done on the detailing and painting, supported by real clothing that adorns Mini-Me's body. Usually I'm opposed to using real fabric clothing on a figure - even figures 12" or bigger often look shoddy with real clothing - but McToys have made an excellent suit for the little guy, which can be taken off to reveal his body.

The design is nice, and allows for some innovation to separate Mini-Me from a thousand other toy dolls. Firstly, Mini-Me supports decent articulation in his arms and legs as well as a movable neck, allowing him to be posed and to stay posed. He might topple occasionally when standing, but he manages to stay upright for the most, which looks awesome sitting on your shelf or standing in the corner of your room.

Yao. Secondly, although Mini-Me's head and limbs are all sculpted plastic, his midsection is pillow-like, allowing him to bend and move nicely. This also allows for his sweet sound feature - if you squeeze Mini-Me's tummy, he'll go "EEeeeeEEE! EEEeeeeEEEE!" the ultra cute squealing noise that was basically the only thing said by Troyer over the Austin Powers films. The sound actually comes from a little device inside him, which is removable to replace the batteries, or to amuse yourself in class. Give it a squeeze and watch the teacher try to figure out where that weird noise is coming from - I love it!

As well as this original version of the little guy, there was also another 18"er wearing Mini-Me's astronaut moon gear. I prefer this version - the original and the best. And so cute!! Even with the insane creepiness!

His hands and fingers are nicely detailed and deserve a paragraph of their own - everything is sculpted and painted perfectly, including his tiny itty bitty fingernails and his EVIL ring on the end of his pinky finger. yo also informs me that the name of the muscle which extends the pinky finger (as in Dr. Evil's trademark gesture) is the extensor digiti "minimi." You learn something new everyday (that you probably don't care about!)

So, does Mini-Me belong on OAFEnet? Usually we're action figure dedicated, and I think that Mini-Me strikes the grey area in-between "action figure" and "doll". Either way, he's an awesomely nifty little guy - the possibilities are endless. You can keep him posed as the ultimate Austin figure with the rest of your toys, or you can put him outside of your roommate's door holding a pocketknife and observe the amusing results. Not to mention that chicks dig this guy - he's tiny, he's cute, he'll get you laid*. How many action figures can you say that about?

* Note: 18" Mini-Me will not actually get you laid. Shocka is indeed delusional - chin up, buddy, it'll happen one day.

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