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Bride of Chucky set

Movie Maniacs
by Shocka

Once upon a time, Shocka was just a wee lad, new to the world, when he heard about a movie, called Child's Play. Little Shocka didn't know much about this movie, except all kinds of horrible things that people said - something about a doll named Chucky who came to life and killed lots and lots of people. Little Shocka proceeds to have nightmares for years.

Funnily enough, the events depicted in my nightmares were far scarier than the actual Child's Play movies, the horror series starring the pint sized serial killer. The horror-comedy movies have their own cult following, and now their own figures; McFarlane Toys' Movie Maniacs 2 featured a dodgy-sculpted Chucky figure, based on the second Child's Play movie, and the awesome Chucky and Tiffany set, a deluxe box based on Ronny Yu's final Chucky film, Bride of Chucky.

Chuck and Tiff

Much more fun than the others, Bride of Chucky is the third sequel, starring Jennifer Tilly as Charles Lee Ray's ex-lover, before he became doll form, and she goes about resurrecting the pint-sized killer in the hope that they'll get together again. Sure, lady, if that's your thing, whatever. Unfortunately, Chucky's not too happy with that, and he goes about slaughtering her and putting her soul in the body of a female doll, and they become a murderous two-some, setting about on a road trip in attempt to claim two human bodies for their own. Totally ludicrous with lots of gory fun, Bride of Chucky is a favourite horror film of mine, and the toys are absolutely awesome.

I love you, Pumpkin. Standing just under 4" tall, Chucky and Tiffany are way out of scale with the other Movie Maniacs, but it doesn't matter - they're the perfect size as they are, but with thoroughly awesome sculpts. Chucky is a perfect likeness to the onscreen doll, with so many cool details it's not funny. His face is all cut up, with staples to hold it together, his Good Guys overalls are torn, his hand's got a tear on it... it's great. The look on his face is murderously gleeful, and his hair is even properly rooted, like Tiffany's.

I love you, Honey-bunny. Her sculpt is also incredibly impressive, with amazing amounts of detail on her jacket (glossed to look like real leather), her dress, she's even got her "Chucky" tattoo above her breast. Amazing. Even cooler is the tiny little "Tiff" necklace, properly constructed and dangling around her neck. To top it off, they both look like small Living Dead Dolls, with their horribly happy facial expressions. The proper rooted hair is an excellent touch, adding to the doll-likeness of them, and paint is all top notch. These figures are flawless, and mighty impressive.

Killbill.  Only funny if you get the joke. Articulation is also very very good - Chucky has shoulder, hand, neck and waist articulation, and Tiffany the same, perfect for their movement and for all of their accessories. Chucky is dangerous with a great kitchen knife, fitting into his hands easily, and Tiffany comes with two great accessories - the first, a tiny cigarette, which fits into her posed left hand but can be easily lost, so always watch for it, and a bottle of wine, "Killbill", from the enjoyable Mirror Ceiling scene in the movie. Put all of this together, and you have a killer set, which look awesome in or out of the packaging.

stupid marquee The killer duo also have a marquee, which is missing from later boxed sets, with the nice little "Chucky Gets Lucky" movie poster, featuring the eerie half-faces: Chucky's been-through-the-wood-chipper visage, and Tiffany's weirdly sculpted eyebrow.

This deluxe boxed set is a must own for horror fans, the couple look so sweet together, a truly excellent set. Back in the day, it was also excellent value for money, just a few dollars more than the single Chucky figure! Nowadays, it's harder to find, but it's worth it. Much recommended!

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