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The Creech

Spawn Series 12
by Shocka

Over 7" tall, bulging with enormous muscles, the Creech is a massive and intimidating figure, ugly enough to fit well into McFarlane Toys' popular Spawn action figure line.

Through the combination of genetic material borrowed from both human and alien sources, The Creech is an engineered lifeform raised invitro. He is the epitome of achievement from the science of cloning. Extreme measures were used in the development of Creech's mind. Raised in complete isolation, only controlled input was fed into his brain. Carefully chosen bits of information that would enable him to function on a much higher level of consciousness than is typically deemed normal. The result is a being, which though lacking sentience, possess a mind that is untainted by the concept of limitation. The absence of which in turn removes all physical ones. The Creech is the closest thing to the Holy Bible's Adam before the fall from grace.

The Creech is a huge hulking monster with enormous limbs, and the figure shows this impression awesomely. I've never read the comic, but judging from the panels drawn by the talented Greg Capullo, the Creech is an excellent sculpt with a beautiful likeness for such an intimidating creature; his main body houses the scrunched up piercing eyes above the belted midsection, with the huge bruising arms extending from its massive shoulders. Mechanical hands are articulated at the end of the huge arms, detailed nicely with detachable arm canons that are minute in comparison. Although smaller than its arms, the Creech's legs are thick and have similar mechanical-like boots on the end, with possible-jet devices sculpted on the heel. From the top of the Creech's "head" extends 12 long bendable tentacle-like things, poseable in any way desired. The Creech isn't going to win and beauty contests but I' ll be damned if it isn't one of the most fascinating, weird and beautiful figures I've ever seen.

The paint furthers the appeal of the figure, applied wonderfully to highlight the sculpt - the main body consists of dark greens and blacks, the eyes piercing gold, above detailed belts and scruffles. The boots and hands are painted a dark red with metallic highlights on the mechanical parts, and the shoulder canons and "tentacles" are painted chainmail to complete the figure. The color scheme is great and a perfect match with the comic - there is also a variant of the Creech painted completely gold, a Diamond Exclusive rerelease that wasn't nearly as popular as the original - the color scheme isn't nearly as daunting.

The Creech has plenty of articulation for such a hulking figure - it has shoulders, wrists, legs, midsection and the removable arm canons are 'articulated' where they attach. The Creech has some poseability with the articulation, and the movement gives the impression of ferocious attacking and destroying, but because of the size of the figure the Creech topples too easily in many positions. This is mostly because of how the Creech is made - his center of mass isn't always in his midsection because of his heavy arms - though playing around with him will find some nice poses that will keep him standing. The tentacles are also posable as they are bendy, a nice addition to the figure.

Overall, I think the Creech is an tremendous and awesome figure; I haven't talked much about the character because I don't know much about the character, but it seems irrelevant in a toy that looks this cool - he fits into many collections, he's the perfect enemy for the TMNT, or he looks fine in your Spawn display, even as a hulking gargantuan crushing your Lego towns. Although the Creech is hard to find nowadays, especially MOC, he's worth searching for - he's one of my favourite Spawn figures of all time.

-- 02/28/03

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