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Red Vane

Mutant Earth
by Shocka

Red Vane Red Vane is my favourite figure from Stan Winston's Mutant Earth. He represents all the best things from the line - excellent sculpts, sweet accessories, useful articulation and impressive characters, all rolled into one scary little package. Lying somewhere between human, android and mutant is Red Vane, the kind of being you'd see wandering the wreckage of a desolate human town, hunting for survivors to kill.

Red Vane stands a menacing 8" tall with a perfectly twisted sculpt to represent his twisted character. Tap the Vane His head is covered by a metallic mask which hides his twisted face but exposes part of his brain; the back of his head revealed to have a robotic spine running down his mutilated body. Grim red eyes stare out from his face, matching his bloodied hands and the splatter on his arms. He wears a black veil across his midsection barely hiding his hollowed-out torso, replaced with a motor-like piece of machinery. His legs are covered in various pouches and metal pieces, as well as little belts and hooks to hold him all together.

The paint apps are a slight let down considering all this cool sculpting - there's a fair amount of splatter and poor shading, which doesn't ruin the figure but does disappoint. Fortunately, the excellent articulation makes up for this; Red Vane has ball-jointed shoulders, pin-jointed elbows and knees, and movement at the wrists, elbows, neck, midsection and legs. It works well for the big figure and that's the important thing - some of the poses you can put this guy into kick ass!

Not the Artery, but the Vane Accessory-wise, Red Vane measures up. He has two pistol-weapons, with dual barrels and all kind of strange little sci-fi things, both of which he can hold and look threatening with. He also has a removable cape that will fit onto his back and will look great, but will fall off easily - gluing it on solves this problem. The design on the back is a little colorful considering the grim figure - painting it all black looks nicer. He also includes a gas mask that plugs into his torso - alas not very well - and a nice base to stand on like the other figures in the series.

Darkly cool and very scary, Red Vane is my pick from this series - an intimidating monster of a figure, he towers over lesser creatures and looks downright threatening. Even with his flaws, he's still an excellent figure and deserves attention.

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