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101st Airborne - Battle Of The Bulge

Call of Duty
by Shocka

Following the impressive Special Forces and World War II lines, the striking Plan-B Toys acquired the rights to Call of Duty, one of the best and most intense gaming experiences of the past couple of years.

101st Airborne Taking place in World War II, the award-winning PC game throws the player into the British 6th Airborne Division as a soldier and chronicles battles of the war, taking on other roles as soldiers as the war progresses to paint a complete picture, full of intensity and bloodshed. I'm not usually a fan of anything to do with war, but this game grabbed my attention because of the stress of playing it as bombs explode around you and shots ring out, the game is a scary experience much like real war, and the realism is incredible. When Plan-B acquired the license, I was expecting something special, and they've delivered.

This figure is based on one of the soliders from the Battle of the Bulge, from the 101st Airborne, sculpted in 6" scale with awesome amounts of detail. The paint of his uniform and accessories goes hand-in-hand with the sculpting. This is a figure that'll please anyone who knows their history and any fans of the game even minor details like shoelaces are completed perfectly.

Also the 101st Airborne Articulated as well as any other Plan-B toy, the soldier has 20 points of articulation including that signature removable head, which I'm quite fond of by now, as well as ball jointed shoulders and legs (although there was some slight problems getting stuck articulation points to move, but the old freeze-and-pop method worked like a charm). The leg joints are great, not taking away from the sculpt while still being very posable. Impressive! But even more impressive are the accessories that he's armed with.

would you want to jump out of a plane carrying all that? Every one of Plan-B Toys' soldier figures comes with lots of realistic gear that all pegs onto the figure's belt or body to allow customisation for display or army building. The amount of accessories is kind of insane, in a very good way this figure comes with no less than a M1 garand Rifle, 2 Rigger Pouches, M1910 Canteen, M1936 Mussette Bag, M1943 Entrenching Tool, M1 Cartridge Belt, Field made Winter Poncho, and a Luger, all of which are authentic, ideal and created with the utmost attention to both realism and playability. All (aside from the Luger) fit onto his body or can be held, plus everything else; the rifle even has a real strap and belt, and the winter poncho is created from fabric to cover the troop. It's very impressive and very cool.

Overall, Plan-B Toys has come through for the fans and for those who are after army-building toys like these; they're extremely awesome and a fine example of how to make awesome figures fitting the theme. Plan-B does things a little differently, and they do it so well.

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