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by Shocka

Ever wondered why 1/12 scale figures rarely use real fabric clothes, favoring sculpted clothing, or why so many 1/6 scale action figures look like ass? Look no further than Rocky Balboa's beloved, Adrian Pennino.

Painfully shy, Adrian is the object of Rocky's affection. Her brother Paulie forced her into going out on a date with Rocky on Thanksgiving. It was worth every second of the 10 short minutes she shared with Rocky skating at the ice rink while he jogged next to her. And soon Adrian offers the supportive love and encouragement that will help change Rocky's destiny.

When Jakks Pacific picked up the Rocky license, many were put off by the possibility of crappy sculpts and awful likenesses as typically seen with the wrestling line, so the big surprise is that the Rocky figures are generally pretty well sculpted - actually, I'll go as far as saying that the likenesses border on excellent, some of them better than what you'd expect from the once-masters, McFarlane Toys. However, you wouldn't be able to tell this from Adrian, whose gigantic-ass clothes make her look enormous, pregnant, and totally hideous.

The reason 6" toys have sculpted clothes is because fabric that is thin enough to be scaled down to 1/12 of normal fabric is just not available for toys, and is difficult to keep looking as desired. Even in the 12" scale, fabric clothes rarely look good - but Adrian here is just the be all and end all of crap fabric clothes. She looks ridiculous. She's wearing the same garb we saw Talia Shire adorned in in Rocky, except it's been tailored for a football player. The hell?

Strip down this Adrian, and find her having a really good facial sculpt that nails Talia Shire's face. Her body is a bit more toned than you might remember - she's intentionally plain looking in the film, whereas here she's toned enough to box Rocky himself - but overall, this is a good sculpt, ruined by the stupid clothes. It's very well articulated, too - balljoints, swivels, the works.

I guess accessories are really where the problem comes in - technically, all of the removable clothes are accessories, but Adrian also includes her glasses, which are pretty much standard for action figure glasses, meaning they suck. She has trouble keeping them on, and doesn't look very good in them, but if you're decking her out in her fatsuit gear anyway, why not throw in stupid-looking glasses for kicks? Also, these accessories make me wonder exactly why most of her clothes are removable, but her beanie is sculpted to her head. Adrian is a baffling toy.

Overall, it's hard to recommend this toy in any way except as a warning to other companies as not to include fabric clothes on toys. Look at her - she's ridiculous! On the other hand, for cheap, this could be exactly what you want - your other toys can cry out "Addrrian!!" just like the final momentous scene in Rocky. That'll be good for kicks. Yes. As is your face.


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