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The Meat

by Shocka

Who'd have thought that some insane drunk's insane drunken decision would end up creating the best toy ever made ever?

It started when Rocky picked up his best friend Paulie at his meat locker job. One frustrated punch at a side of beef become a one-two and soon a secret, unique training tool was created. Day after day, Rocky Balboa punched frozen meat to train. This rare (no pun intended) method would help give Rocky an edge, keeping him on his feet for 15 grueling rounds with World Heavyweight Champ Apollo Creed.

Either brilliantly inspired or just batshit insane, the first series of Rocky figures by Jakks Pacific finally gave collectors the chance to acquire the real star of the movie, The Meat. That's right, the beef that Rocky beats on to get stronger comes in its own package as its own character. It makes no sense, but who cares? It's AWESOME.

The Meat was simply the hardest figure (or whatever) to find in Rocky Series 1. It was packed one per case, and was intended to go along with Training Gear Rocky - you can tell by his bloodied hands. But it's on a card by itself, not sold with Rocky. The Meat! Everyone wanted The Meat, because it was just so inexplicable. So take one part demand and one part rarity, and you have an unexpected chase figure that you probably never saw in person. Or got to touch. The Meat!

Standing (what?) about 6" tall, The Meat is made of rubbery plastic complete with a rubbery plastic meathook extending from the top, so you can hang it somewhere for your Rocky to beat on. The detail is simple but effective; it's not quite as well detailed as the meat seen with Erin from McFarlane Toys' Texas Chainsaw Massacre line, but being more durable and more rubbery it's much more fun! You can have The Meat chilling on your PC desk next to Frodo Baggins, Optimus Prime and all the other strange oddities that'll keep you a virgin until you die.

The Meat also features a white blood-stained coat that I assume Rocky can wear while working in the meat locker. It's cute but forgettable - the real star here is The Meat itself, the best action figure ever made.

You need The Meat.

Trust me.




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