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Street Fighter
by Shocka

SOTA's sensational Street Fighter figures continue to sell like hotcakes with the release of Round 3; as we celebrate their release with a look at Round 2, I'm jumping in to review the original leotard-clad fighter.

Cammy Cammy's background is as mysterious as that of any other Street Fighter; apparently, as an agent working for Shadaloo, Cammy was one of its best. On her last mission for M. Bison, she lost her memory and had to start over with a new identity. She was apparently rescued by secret operatives who trained her as one of their own. She was then released to eliminate Shadaloo, the syndicate that spawned her in the first place. Her intentions are not only to destroy M. Bison, but to learn as much as she can about her forgotten past.

Yes, that cheap little minx introduced in Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers is here in all her tarty glory, dressed in the (admittedly) hot-yet-ridiculous military leotard thong get-up, supposedly the standard wear for women who are part of the Delta Red Special Forces. I can't imagine any woman actually wearing this ridiculous thing, and I can't imagine it would be comfortable either, but SOTA have done a great job recreating it in plastic here.

Mmmm, girlfight... While most of the Street Fighters are symmetrical (saves on animation when all you have to do is flip the sprites horizontal), Cammy actually has some distinguishing marks, namely the shape of her hat, the Delta Red symbol on her chest and the scar on her left jaw. It's subtle stuff, but SOTA placed it right: Cammy was designed to be a "Player 2" character, so when she's on the left side of the screen - Player 1's starting side - all those features are suddenly on the wrong side. Kinda like Sagat that way.

Standing 6" tall, Cammy is sculpted and painted exactly like her onscreen 2D counterpart - the ones where she's not evil, at least. she really puts the 'ass' in 'assassin' The whole sculpt is fantastic, capturing the curves and muscle of the soldier as well as well as partially concealing the uber-articulation; the only noticably strange part of the sculpt is her behind, which looks a little strange at first with the big ball-joints both sides of her thong, but it grows on you. The paint is flawless, with great face detail and excellent aps across her entire body, including the leotard, her hair and the camo-paint on her legs.

Articulation is fantastic as well; like the others in the series and every Marvel Legend, Cammy moves like there's no tomorrow: she has balljointed shoulders, legs and neck, then other joints at the elbows x2, knees x2, midsection x2, wrists, feet, heel, toe, all over, all enabling for a lot of posability, playability and fun. She's very durable and will stay on her feet in plenty of poses, with no problems with loose or sticky joints, putting her one up on the Marvel Legends, with whom she displays marvelously.

Oi, two seconds - just gotta pick this wedgie out of me bum. Cammy is also loaded with accessories, including an alternative head (with winking "victory" face), alternative hands for different fight poses, and finally her little headset, which fits on the normal head to make her look groovy-combat-ready; it covers her left eye with a scanner and puts a microphone set at her mouth so she can order in the troops! Or work the drivethrough at Burger King. Either way, it's a great little accessory... as long as you don't lose it.

Overall, Cammy is a fantastic figure with plenty of play value, posability and she fits perfectly with the other SF figures and also displays like the aforementioned Marvel Legends, and even figures like the current Mortal Kombat toys. SOTA gets the big thumbs up, and we look forward to more!

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Fair's fair: do you think the blokes in Delta Red should have to wear the same thing as little Cammy? Tell us on our message board, The Loafing Lounge.


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