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Cyber Spider-Man

Spider-Man Classic
by Shocka

While ToyBiz's Spider-Man Classic line struggles, attempting to avoid the inevitable "Turtle Mutation Spider-Man", they continue to churn through the pegwarmers with various incarnations/interpretations/molestations of the character. Most of the time these turn out really horribly (Manga Spidey, anyone?) but sometimes, just sometimes, we get something slightly more interesting.

Cyber Spider-Man Something interesting like the Black-Costumed Spidey from the most recent line, or his brother, Cyber Spider-Man. Making absolutely no sense at all in the Spider-Man universe and franchise, Cyber Spidey is simply a cool-looking toy, a comic android of our hero with whatever story you want attached to him.

penetrating white eyes To the stats, Cyber Spider-Man is very nicely sculpted, standing 6" tall, painted completely with metallic colors except for his pentrating white eyes. The sculpt isn't like an insanely detailed McToy but it has a lot of nice little details, like a metallic spine running up to his head with muscle-like tubing extending from the vertebrete. The paint, although simple, compliments this sculpt and makes it fit right in with your other Toybiz figures.

Not quite up to par, though, is the articulation, which really quite sucks. We've been really spoiled with all the ultra-articulation, so a thin Spider-Man figure with only 16 points of articulation (many of which are useless) is a major disappointment.

killer detail Most notably, Cyber-Spidey has very shoddy shoulder articulation - his ball-joints are blocked by the big shoulder pads, which sucks. His neck articulation is also very poor, and he has no wrist or finger joints, an oddity for a Spidey toy like this. Also, he has one midsection peg joint, which is truly bizarre for his multi-sectioned robotic torso - disappointing.

Cyber-Spidey's accessories are a little disappointing too. He features a missile launcher, a shield and a spider-shaped backpack, all of which can come together to make a weird, useless cyber-spider thing (that falls apart easily). Woo! The missile launcher is the best of the bunch, firing the strange missile with reasonable force and sculpted to look similar in style to the Spidey himself.

shield thing The shield is just an oddity, which looks terrible - it clips onto Spidey's arms and has one side painted completely bright red, the other side slightly detailed. The clip really doesn't work (though neither does the missile launchers', nor the backpack) and it just looks plain weird. I'm not quite sure why a android like this would need a shield, least of all one that looks so strange.

Overall, your Cyber Spider-Man ends up being a real mixed bag. With a great sculpt and overall look clashing with poor articulation and accessories, it's a disappointment but still worth buying for how cool it looks, and how cool it is displayed. As a pegwarmer, it'll probably hit the sales stand soon, so wait for it there if you're not sure.

First Hulk, now Spidey. Who else do you want to see Cyberized? Tell us on our message board, the Loafing Lounge.


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