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Tortured Souls
by Shocka

Once just a woman, a Senator's daughter, Lucidique had changed the fate of the town of Primordium - but nothing without a price. Now she came as an avenger, a creature of revenge to seek out those who ordered her father's death, later seeking the arms of a lover who had also been transformed.

Lucidique He grabbed his towel to cover himself, but as he did so she stepped out of the shadows and showed herself to him, in all her terrible glory. She was not the Lucidique he'd known; not remotely. Her whole body was transformed. She'd become a living weapon. "Oh Jesus help me..." he murmured. She reached forward and she castrated him with one swipe of her scythe. he clamped his bloody hands to his empty groin and stumbled out to the landing, calling for help. But the house was silent from roof to cellar. He called his sons' names one by one. None came. Only his old dog Malleus answered his call, and when he trotted through from the kitchen he left red paw-marks on the white carpet. He was eating something human. "All dead." Lucidique said.

loo-sid-EEK Lucidique stands 6 1/2", though not very well. Her sculpt is one of twisted beauty, more feminine and graceful than Agonistes and the Scythe-Meister, but because of her leg position and articulation, she has a small problem standing, which is annoying considering how good her pose is. Lucidique stands as if walking, her left hand beckoning to someone unseen, her other hand carrying a hook weapon on a chain, dangling next to her legs. When the Spawn Message Boardians were first shown the preview pics of Lucidique, some of them noted that it was nice to see a female figure that wasn't the poor thin societal representation of what women should look like. They were dreaming - Lucidique is possible the thinnest female figure I've ever seen, with her excellent sculpt showing off her tiny thin body and unhealthy waist, her large breasts and her thighs, combining with the leather as if she's some kind of dominatrix. And, I suppose she could well be - she wears a leather bikini with hooks through the nipples, chains connecting them, with leather straps (with nails poking through the skin) extending around to her "back" (more on this in a second). Another piece of leather surrounds her lower section, holding up a bizarre bondage-esque dress, which reveals one leg. On this leg, she wears a knee-high boot - the other leg has all the skin stripped from it, with only bone and bloodied muscle entering a shoe - nasty! She has a lot of her skin showing, very sexually, with lots of blood and painful scarring *almost* hidden under the leather - only parts of it are shown, which creates a nice effect in that she is beautiful on the outside, but torn and dangerous underneath - this is art at its very best.

Luci gets some face time Her head is reminiscent of the female Cenobite from the Hellraiser movies - she has an almost pretty facial sculpt, which loses its beauty in the painful spikes and long, creepy hair which runs down her back, sculpted in soft plastic, so it can be lifted to reveal her back, of which there is none. Her entire back has been hollowed out revealing a bloody mess of muscle tissue, veins, arteries, and a bit of spine running down. It's held open by a few clips and chain pieces, with two weapon holders either side. It's disgusting, yet decisively sexual, and comes into play in the later parts of the Tortured Soul story. And, with the rest of the figures, the paint application is excellent to compliment the sickly sculpt.

As for articulation, Lucidique is clearly a display piece only, with one leg, neck, shoulders and wrists articulated, leaving her basically in the one pose only. She can't move or attack much, which is a shame - but the post is great, so it isn't a big loss - if only she could stand. She has three weapons - a bloodied hook which she holds, then a scythe which fits in one of the weapon holders, and large moving set of scythes and blades combined into one weapon, which fits in the other weapon holder. Having the two weapons there gives her a kind of angelic look, like wings - although she looks better (yet less deadly) without them.

Overall, Lucidique was a favourite from the line, and a very creepy looking figure. I confess that I don't like Lucidique very much at all - with more articulation and if she could stand easier, I probably would have liked her more, but something about her just isn't my cup of tea. As with many of McToys' action figures, this is art, not a toy - I respect that a lot, for this is simply beautiful, though not quite as spectacular as Agonistes, but still a wonderful display piece. I can't really explain it, but despite this being a great figure (and a lot better than some of the Tortured Souls 2), it just doesn't work for me.

Overall Rating: B-
Shocka's Placing in the Line: 6th

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