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Quick Slinger

by Shocka

Reviewing the vast bulk of Hasbro's terrific Xevoz action figures, one soon notices the smart trends behind their specific character choices. Although a lot of the characters cover classic archetypes such as movie monsters (the Mummy, Frankenstein's Monster, a Werewolf) and then science fiction characters (like space marines and giant bugs and robots), and then others go through a checklist of beloved boy's toy icons. Army men and ninjas both get their due, and with today's terrific Xevoz review, so does the classic gunslinger.

Known as the fastest guns in the Waste, these high plains drifters roam the sagebrush of world's lonesomest territories, dealing out justice to outlaws, desperados, and other varmints. Their only compadres in this here world of trouble are a ten-shooter, a tin star, and a robotic hoss (that's horse to you). They're known as top-notch trackers who can survive in the desert for weeks at a time with just a canteen of engine oil, an old leather boot, and some cactus juice every now and again. Hobbies include bronco busting and trying on ten-gallon hats. Home on the range: Madragar Waste.

Quick Slinger is the archetypal cowboy, executed in the terrific exciting, memorable, fun Xevoz style for maximum play and fun. At his base, he's just a gunslinger, complete with the cowboy hat and associated garb, including a duster, large kneepads, and a belt buckle with a huge star in the center.

We don't usually talk about the paint on the Xevoz toys, due to the majority of the figure being cast in single-shade plastic. Quick Slinger's colorscheme consists of browns, blacks and reds, giving him an appropriate cowboy look, with the added bonus of "dust spray" on his accessories, including his awesome chaps and his soft rubber coat. He looks boss even before you choose to apply any of his stickers.

But with the standard (and exceptional) Xevoz extras, he's a joyous celebration of action figure awesome: he comes loaded with a pair of six shooters, which plug into his legs thanks to the Xevoz design directive, but even better are the two gigantic science-fiction-esque revolvers, one for each hand. The Power Glyph game piece identifies them as "Ten Shooters." They're completely oversized and make him look amazing.

And, of course, he features the bulk of accessories that make each Xevoz terrific and customisable - in addition to his aforementioned weapons he features a big electronic lasso, handcuffs, two alternate heads (I'm fond of the "bandit" head, with his mouth covered) and this toy's joke accessory, a "Kick Me" sign that plugs into his back (and amusingly, serves as his Drain Attack piece). It's fantastic and, as always, will fit on your other Xevoz as well.

Quick Slinger is one of the best in the Xevoz line, a terrific figure with perfect execution and wide-reaching appeal. This guy comes highly, highly recommended.

-- 09/07/14

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