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Figuretoon Quickies

"Super Burly Ball"

After a month off, we return from our "On the Hunt" Figuretoon. Hope you liked it.

It wasn't intentional that we'd have two Quickies in a row with "Ball" in the title, but the month gap in between them helps conceal the accidental pairing. Of course, by pointing it out, we've blown that out of the water. Whoops.

This technically isn't our work. Someone on the Spawn.com message boards came up with this idea, years ago when the Matrix Revolutions toys were first unveiled for the fans - that'd be mid-2003, for those keeping track at home. Whoever it was took the press photos of Neo and Agent Smith and Photoshopped on elements from the SportsPicks. Whoever you were, long-forgotten poster, we thank you for the inspiration.

And oh yeah: the title is a reference to the movie's name for the climactic fight, the Super Burly Brawl. As if you couldn't figure that out.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Agent Smith: Go long, Mr. Anderson.
Neo: Whoa. I know pro right zoom post route!

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