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Figuretoon Quickies

"Frank & Beans"

This one was another of those "let's just stand two vaguely related things next to one another" ideas: it really was originally just going to be Frankenstein and a can of beans, nothing more. Then it evolved into this whole "Jack and the beanstalk" thing, with one of the FANtastic Exclusive cows and... maybe it's an example of what happens when you try to work too much into a single-panel gag. You decide.

It's amazing how hard it is to find a photo of a simple can of pork and beans. In fact, that was a can of soup with the plain Campbell's label Photoshopped on it. And since it had one of those easy-open tabs, the "lid" is actually the bottom of the can.

Anyway, yes, this is the return of the much-beloved character Gandaldore, from "Harry Potter and the Running Gag." Don't know why you people liked him, but ya did, and so he came back. And also yes, that's McPedro's mustache he's wearing, because... he needed a disguise? Who knows. It's really because Danielle's an old friend, and this was the first opportunity we could find to shamelessly leech off her popularity.

Finally, because someone asked, yes, that's a real chain running into the cow's nose. And that Frankenstein ended up as a table decoration at Poe's wedding to Dr. Mrs. The Ghostal.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Gandaldore: Well, my boy, I believe this completes our transaction.
Gandaldore: Enjoy your beans. Gandaldore, away!
Frankenstein: Frank suffer buyer's remorse.

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