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Figuretoon Quickies

"Too Far"

yo says this toon was born of the fact that he bought Wild Bill and Spirit on the same day, and that Indiana Jones' horse was a superposeable 3¾" scale animal.

How do you do a "cowboy and Indian" joke without it being offensive? Instead of playing it safe, turn it up to 11 and be super-insulting, then have one of the characters comment on how wrong it is. That's called hanging a lantern on it.

One problem with this toon? It kept looking like Spirit was trying to pet the horse, not wave at Wild Bill, so that kept needing to be reshot.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Spirit: How, White Man. You want buy heap big Wampum? Smokum peace pipe?
Wild Bill: Jesus H. CHRIST, son! I'm from Texas and even I find this comic offensive!

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