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Figuretoon Quickies

"From Bad to Worse"

Man, face it: Alderaan is screeeeeeewwwwwwed! Not only do they have the Death Star looming above them, but Unicron is coming up fast, and yes, that's Galactus way in the background. They're just lining up at the buffet. Summon Bigger Fish!

The genesis of the idea for this strip was a full-length Figuretoon, in which each panel would pull back from the one before it. We'd start on Han Solo, pull back to the Millennium Falcon, pull back to the Falcon hiding on the back of the Star Destroyer, pull back to the Star Destroyer circling the Death Star, pull back to the Death Star getting eaten by Unicron, pull back to Galactus taking a bite out of Unicron, etc. And whatever the end of the toon was, it would have pulled out to show Han Solo holding it, starting the whole thing over again.

Why'd we never make that Figuretoon? Didn't have the Lego Death Star to make it happen. Really, that's the only reason. But really, it works okay as a one-shot, don't you think?

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