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Figuretoon Quickies

"Ten Lords A-Leaping"

We originally considered doing an entire "12 Days of Christmas" Figuretoon, but that sounded like a lot of work, and we're lazy. Besides, other than buying a dozen crummy Planetary toys, where we ever going to get 12 Drummers? To say nothing of pipers or colly birds. Yes, colly birds - there's no such thing as a "calling bird," that's just a mondegreen. "Colly bird" is an archaic term for a blackbird, which, upon reflection, would be easy to do, given the number of ravens and crows that have come with McFarlane figures over the years. Close enough, eh? (Artemis's daunting collection of Adult Superstars and some clever posing would have provided the eight maids a-milking.)

Anyway, here we have Palpatine, dressed like a choir master, trying to induce his Dark Lord of the Sith to jump. It's like those Christmas pageants you wee forced to take part in as a youngster. Another idea for this toon would have been to have 10 different Sith Lords jumping simultaneously, but pulling out the army of Vader variations was funnier. Interested in who each of them are?

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3, 6 and 8-10 we've reviewed. The rest are links to Rebel Scum's archives. And of course it's this Palpatine.

As for the music in the lower corner, an "arn" is a measure of time on Farscape, and "smizmar" comes from Futurama. The less you know about Wookie Life Day, the better.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Palpatine: Look, I know Kenobi chopped off both your legs!
Palpatine: ...but if you don't start a-leaping soon, this Life Day Pageant is going to be a bust!
[Music]: On the 10th arn of Life day, my smizmar gave to me...

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