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Figuretoon Quickies

"The Boss is Coming"

Monster.com, in case you've never seen a banner ad or the Super Bowl, is a job-hunting site. You can apply for jobs, post your resume, wait in vain for anyone to look at it, die a little inside as you realize you may never work again... sorry, we drifted off for a second. Went to a dark place there. Anyway, you can get Monster to send you new listings that match your criteria. They come via email, not announced in person by a hideous beast. Aww, sad!

The human guy is Ted, from The Cubes - he comes with that whole cubicle, too. The monster is Wolf Breath, one of the Madballs Head-Popping action figures, released in 1986 by some long-gone company called AmToy (a division of American Greetings - yes, the card people).

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Monster: Mid-level account manager in Poughkeepsie?
Caption: Ted swiftly came to regret signing up for job alerts from Monster.com

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