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Figuretoon Quickies

"När lammen tystnar"

Thor watches as a group of policemen wheel away Odin, wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and a straitjacket, on a hand cart

In the upcoming Thor movie, Odin is played by Anthony Hopkins; Anthony Hopkins also played Hannibal Lecter. When Thor came to Earth, it was in the disguise of Doctor Donald Blake; if Odin were to come to Earth, he might also disguise himself as a doctor, which could lead to some problems.

We tried a few different versions of Odin-Hannibal for this Figuretoon: in order to wear the iconic mask, Odin would have had to lose his helmet, which would have been fine (we'd have given him someone elses's hair to make up for it), but the eyes didn't stand out enough when the mask was on, so the joke became less clear. Of course, now it might just look like they're carting him away for wearing a crazy hat.

So yes, that's Odin's head on Lecter's body. The orderly pushing the cart gets Wolverine's uniform and Sunspot's head. Logan, meanwhile, donated his head to one of the policemen (who are from the Minimates MAX series). If you look closely, you may notice that one of the SWAT suits is empty - there's no one inside it. We put the extra body armor on the blue jumpsuited Lecter body, knowing that any of the improper details would be hidden. Similarly "Officer Logan's" chest block is plain blue, without any police insignia.

The name of this toon is the Swedish title of Silence of the Lambs - see, because they're Norsemen, and that means Scandanavia? We also looked at the Dutch, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish titles, but we liked this one the best. You win, Swedes! Odin's boast, of course, is a paraphrasing of the famous "fava beans and a nice chianti" line - in other words, he's not helping his case. Mead is a beverage made from fermented honey, and brown beans were actually introduced to America by Swedish immigrants in the 1890s. Now you know!

Oh, and before our English teachers write us to tell us how ashamed they are, yes, we know that "didst" is the second-person form of "did," so it makes no sense for Thor to say it about himself, but it also makes no sense for Norse gods to talk in iambic pentameter, either. It just sounded more "Thor-y."

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Thor: See, father? I didst tell thee t'would be a bad idea to come to Midgaard as a doctor.
Odin: Tell these mortals to release me! I am the Allfather!
Odin: I will eat their livers with some brown beans and a hearty mead!

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