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Figuretoon Quickies


There's a famous paradox/thought experiment which asks what would happen if an irresistable force met an immovable object. Anyone who's ever played pool knows exactly what would happen: the force would stop and the object would move. But in this case, what happened when they met? They shook hands and said hello.

Blob and Juggernaut have appeared in the same comic a few times, but they've never really "met," per se - they've never had a "Juggernaut vs. Blob" battle to see which one of their power sets would win. It's easy to guess, though: in terms of power sources, magic trumps mutant, so the mystically empowered Cain Marko would eventually win over the naturally gifted Fred J. Dukes.

The title of this Figuretoon comes from the Chinese word for paradox: 矛盾 (máodùn, literally "spear-shield"), which refers to a 3rd century BC story in which a merchant was trying to sell a shield that could withstand any blow, and a spear that could break through any shield.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Juggernaut: Hi, how you doing?
Blob: Pleased ta meet ya.
Caption: And that's what happened.

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