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Figuretoon Quickies

"Sssssize Issssuess"

Welcome back, everyone - we just took a month off so you could enjoy our full-length Figuretoon, "Gruff Trade". But now we're back.

This gag is based on the GI Joe and the Transformers SDCC exclusive from this summer. You'll recall that the set included a big Starscream and a little Megatron, as well as a Cobra Commander who could use them both. Well, what if the roles were reversed?

"Size changing" is the reason that two robots who are generally the same size (Starscream and Megatron) can have altmodes with such wildly disparate sizes. But who ever said the change could only be one-way? If Megatron can choose to become a tiny gun, couldn't he also choose to become a giant gun?

The Cobra Commander in the photo is the one from the box set, though we gave him this one's head, to avoid the chromed mask. Megatron is the Masterpiece version, while Starscream is the recent Legends Class release.

For maximum effect, read the Figuretoon in Chris Latta's voice.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Cobra Commander: You foolsss!
Cobra Commander: The sssize-changing was sssupposssed to go the other way!
Starscream: Well next time be more specific!

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