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Figuretoon Quickies

"Now You Know"

You may have noticed that we were unable to update for about a week or so - thanks to the freak October snowstorm that hit the northeast United States, the OAFE officies were without power for more than a week. Whenever anybody asked when we'd be getting our lights back, we joked that Roadblock was standing by the wire, warning us not to jump our bikes over it (a reference to one of the old GI Joe PSAs).

Roadblock, of course, isn't actually that large - he's just been edited into a stock photo of a power line that's been knocked down by a tree branch. We chose this photo because the line and branch were clear to see; there was also this alternate shot which had much cooler lighting, but you could barely see the fallen wire:

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Roadblock: Remember, kids, don't play around downed power lines.
Roadblock: Even if your damn power has been out for eight &#$% days!

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