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all the Avengers riding on top of the tiny Superhero Squad helicarrier

It's our 200th Quickie! We feel like [insert name of current promiscuous celebrity here]!

With the alien threat defeated, Congress didn't see any reason to keep funding SHIELD the way they had been, and so the old Helicarrier was decommissioned. As a result, Nick Fury had to get creative, leading to this new "mini-carrier" (actually a Superhero Squad toy - since Hasbro uses standardized sizes, the SHS footpegs are the same size that fits into Marvel Universe and GI Joe feet).

Notice that while Black Widow and the other SHIELD agents are all movie versions, the superheroes are 616. Why? Because when we went to the toy lockers, it turned out that we had apparently never bought movie versions of Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America or Thor. Go figure.

So Iron Man is the Heroic Age armor, Cap is the one that came with the Super Helicarrier, Thor is actually the robot clone (which is why he's in the back and his face is turned away from the camera), and the big green guy is secretly a hue-shifted version of Red Hulk. Don't believe us? Look at the color that's reflected on the deck of the Helicarrier right under his feet.

Because they have to ride outside the ship, imagine everybody having to yell over the wind. Appropriate, since the city seen below them is Chicago.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Maria Hill: These budget cutbacks are ridiculous, sir!
Iron Man: At least it's not raining this time!
Thor: Thou art welcome.

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